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Nadia's Adventures in Jericho

Nadia Porter lives at 3 Upper Eley Street ("The Inventor's House").

Nadia had no idea why it was called that; it seemed a perfectly normal house. Her new car had been delivered already when she got there.

Well, perfectly normal till she went out the back... there were some odd machines in the garden. And a shed that had a locked door and no key. She made a mental note to ask the estate agent about the missing key.

Time to go shopping for some furniture - and maybe a visible newspaper.

She was hanging out at the hotel, trying to work out what to do with her life and playing on the games machines, . As you do.

"All I know is school and babysitting. Maybe I could be a playground monitor or something."

Playing another machine nearby was a guy called Kawab, who was even shyer than Nadia. Once they actually started to talk, she found him quite interesting.

"I make cookies with Smarties on top. They are really a lot more special that way."

Later, upstairs in the bar, she picked up a guy named Leslie Randall, chatted a while. She quite liked Leslie. So hungry on the way home, she got a meal from a greasy food truck and an upset stomach from it, but eventually home and sleep.

On Thursday she set the kitchen on fire. She put the fire out before the fireman arrived, but he accepted a cup of tea and they had an interesting discussion about Fate and the causes of odd things in Jericho. Afterwards all she could remember about him was that he was called Bimble.

She had just enough time for a short trip to France before starting her new job in the school. So off she went to Champs-les-Sims for a weekend away. She had a lovely time and came back with a bagful of souvenirs, but sadly had forgotten to buy a camera, so had no photos.

Travelling back, the plane dropped her off somewhere dark. Looking around, it seemed to be a nature reserve. At least there was a tent and bathroom. Jet-lagged as she was, that was all that interested her at first.

Nadia took it in her stride. "This sort of feels like prolonging my holiday!"

She lost her shoes in a swamp on what she soon discovered was an island, off the coast of Jericho. Some distance from the coast of Jericho, in fact.

The view through the telescope. She could actually make out the school where she was supposed to be starting her new job today.

"I've gotta get out of this place - I really don't want to lose my job before I've even started."

Down in the lowest basement was a dive well, so she went through it... to a large, dark, red room. There was a hole in the wall to explore, when she had moved a statue.

Yech! it was full of bugs! And a time machine. She travelled to the future.

By the time dawn came, she had found her way back up to the shack on the island. But how was she to get home?

She found her way back through to the deep red room, and went forward in time again. Maybe she could find a solution in the future?

No. Met a Vogon though.

And a load of dead robots. They reminded her of the junk robot in the garden of her new house, and she suddenly felt quite homesick.

She went along a long corridor, very poorly lit, and up a lot more stairs, and eventually she was in an old shack - its door was locked. But the shack was quite flimsy, and she managed to bash a hole in the wall and escaped. After the mugginess of the old shack and the tunnels, the fresh air, though misty, was wonderful. There were some large stones and a wonderful view of the skyline at dusk... and voices!

Hanna and Missy Hissy were picnicking in the stone circle!

She just stood there.

"Whatever is the matter, Nadia?" asked Hanna. "You look as if you've been dragged through a hedge backwards. And have you come straight from work? You're covered in cobwebs!"

She could see Jericho - and no sea in between! She was HOME!

She was about to explain, when her phone rang. It was her boss, asking why she yet again hadn't been at work! "You wouldn't believe me," she laughed. "But I promise I'll be there in the morning!"

Hanna and Phyre stayed to enjoy the evening air. "It's like Robinson Crusoe, i suppose, being marooned out there."

"I think I might quite like that." said Phyre. "It must be very peaceful."

To be continued.


Nadia is a self-Sim from this thread on The Sims Daily forum, as are Hanna and Phyre.

The real star of this episode is the wonderful world, Jericho, made by SimSample, and can be obtained from Mod the Sims 2, complete with several tombs hidden in the world. And Nadia's house of course came with the world and is also by SimSample.