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Snow Bawl in Bonsanco

From Jericho, Snow Bawl moved to Bonsanco for a fresh start. Too many people knew her, she was tired of being a Celebrity, while still very wealthy.

She bought Casa Xanadu.

Still has her pet raccoon.

Went to the salon but these chaps didn't inspire confidence.

"Do either of you actually WORK here?"

She is still crazy, of course.

She had a small pavilion made for her writing, missing the one Phyre made for her in her old house.

Chatting up the repairman.

Bought a share in the Spa she so loved. Then she had a deep tissue massage and decided to buy it out completely! Renamed it to the Snow Spa.

She had started to think that she wanted a daughter. Not a husband! But a daughter would be nice.

And then one day she met Lennon Sosa, another Celebrity, and liked him. "I could eat you..." she thought. But he had to go to work. "Work? You WORK?"

She did see him again - and again - and voilà! she was pregnant.

Contrary to her expectations, her baby was a boy. She called him Thunder.

Lennon sort of moved in - he liked Snow's mansion and basically wanted to spend all his time with them.

She hired a butler to do all "that child care stuff."

But she wasn't sure about Lennon. Every time she got near the topic of marriage he decided he had to go to work... So after a while she started to play it cool with him, and look for someone else. She put the affair with Lennon down to "research for my next novel. No regrets."

The butler disappeared overnight, and didn't come back until Snow called the agency to cancel. The agency did apologise and told her that some of their staff had accidentally become zombies, and would she like a refund? So she hired a babysitter and headed for Shang Simla, where she had an affair with a merchant called Liu Pei.

The holiday was spent mostly fishing. At one point, she was trying to catch 4 Kawarimono Koi at Hot Springs. Three were easily caught, but the fourth was not forthcoming. After spending solid two days catching everything but Kawarimno Koi, it occurred to her that she had bought a book about fishing in China. She sat down by the pool to read, and the book informed her that she needed to use plum as bait. Once she had picked some plums, it was easy to get the fish. She found Shang Simla beautiful but confusing and kept getting lost.

She also discovered that she loved Ceviche 1, and ate it every time she could at the food market.

Finally she went home.

She invited Liu Pei to come over and visit, he stayed for a month - and then they got married.

Liu Pei suited her very well. He didn't mind her crazy talk, as he was mildy insane himself.

And she thought she might be pregnant again.

They explored the time stream quite a bit, and at some point acquired another son, Jared, who was older than both his parents, having been born centuries before! He came back with them to present day, having heard Snow's glowing tales of modern life, with ceviche and swimming pools.

Snow had an idea. She hated the little houses on the pier in BonSanco, thinking they were ugly. She negotiated with their owners and started to make enquiries about buying the plots of land (of pier!) necessary. Her plan was to make the pier into a commercial and amusement centre.

"One of the things I want to build is a fish shop on the pier," said Snow. "Liu Pei, maybe you would like to run it? At least while the children are tiny, and then I could concentrate on my writing."

"I would!" said her husband Liu. "I do miss working."

"I've made a deal with Naomi Nita, so that she can move her whole house elsewhere - otherwise she refuses to part with it. Says she's put her whole life into that and her career. There's no way she will go into the Golden Girls' Home. So it'll cost a little more."

He grinned. "I think you can afford it."

She beamed back at him. "I- WE - can!"

"Jared might like to take part in the business too."

"Great idea!" Jared was very happy to work at the fish shop too.

Through all this time, Snow was still writing, churning out about a bestseller a year.

Went to a party, where she bumped into Jesslla, and Darren Dreamer, who she found charming. He wanted to talk to her about the SimSurvivor game, and how she had survived. "I just got lucky, I think. Stubborn, that's me. Some people say stupid."

"Not so stupid, if you survived!"

Cornelius Butt, also looking fetching as he wondered out loud whether she should be drinking.

Liu's daughter, Bianca.

And the slightly older Thunder.

On Tuesdays she liked to have a day out at Snow Spa, where she employed, among others, Jelenedra Rakenface. She didn't really like Jelenedra, but she did give a good massage. It was Snow's habit to collect the takings, get a deep massage and a facial. Of course, owning the place meant she was sure of the very best treatment.

Liu and Jared were building Liu Pei's Fish Market, another building at 18, The Lake (which would eventually become a bar but building work was stalled for want of a good electrician), End of the Pier which was a small park - all actually ON the pier. They spent some time outfitting the small club behind the fish shop, added toilets, telescopes to the top, a bubble machine, a dart board and a simple bar. The fish shop was already bringing in a lot of money.

She also owned the Sport Fishing comunity lot in town.

It was time to move. Her Hollywood-style mansion was rather cramped, designed as it was for a single Sim and now housing herself, Tanuki Raccoon, Liu Pei, Jared (her son by time travel) and their two toddlers, Thunder and Bianca.

"Come and see where we are going to live, Thunder. This is the hot tub area, and over there is Mommy's writing place, the whole will be glazed over but open on the sides - ivy columns in between. And Mommy can see her spa in the background there."

Thunder was more interested in where the sandpit was going to be.

She's a very rich Sim: current finances, even after all that work on the fish shop's club, stood at just below half a million; of course she would soon recoup what she spent doing up the club and fish shop, now that it was open for trade. Jared and Liu were busy all the time.

She bought a big old house called Miramontes. It seemed very old-fashioned, but had lots of space and enough land for a pool, a writing gazeba, and for further enlargement. It was completely re-roofed, re-panelled, and she had a large covered walkway, complete with hot tub, bar, seating, and her open-air writing area. In the balmy weather of BonSanco, she wouldn't need more protection than that. They created a large lawned area, watered with invisible sprinklers so as not to over-advertise their wealth.

Liu wandered off to the bookshop and bought ALL their recipes. "I need to get to know the cooking in this land; I'm a pretty fair chef in my own country. And what recipes I don't need, well, Snow or Jared or the kids might like them."


1 Ceviche, also spelled cebiche, or seviche, is a seafood dish popular in the coastal regions of the Americas, especially Central and South America. The dish is typically made from fresh raw fish marinated in citrus juices such as lemon or lime and spiced with chili peppers. Additional seasonings such as onion, salt, coriander/cilantro, and pepper may also be added. Ceviche is usually accompanied by side dishes that complement its flavors such as sweet potato, lettuce, corn, or avocado. As the dish is not cooked with heat, it must be prepared fresh to minimize the risk of food poisoning. It has been said that it may be safer to prepare it with frozen or blast frozen fish due to Anisakis.