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The Kewians in Isla Paradiso

The Kewian family decided to move somewhere completely different. Again. London hadn't suited them at all. Big houses with closed windows, nobody to talk to, too many cars. A lot like Twinbrook, but bigger. Sooo hated it, and therefore all the family hated it. Only Mimi wasn't too happy at moving.

"Daddy, when we go to this next place, can we STAY there this time? I'm tired of losing all my friends."

"We'll see, love. I hope so."

Isla Paradiso was inviting immigrants, so off they went.

They bought a small house in IP. Doug reckoned he and Sooo would work on it and expand it, as he'd bought it remarkably cheaply; and meanwhile the kids could sleep in sleeping bags.

Doug, who was very fit after all his years as a Sports Fan(!) actually got a job as a lifeguard, and the family set about making a large extension to their new two bedroomed home.

The teens also got part-time jobs, to help with finances. Megan, with a new wig, as a Spa Receptionist and Marge at the grocery store.

It WAS in fact a friendly place. Their new neighbours came to visit! "Never happened in London," commented Sooo. "I like it here already."

Both children came back from school wearing their underpants. "What?" asked Sooo. "Er. We got wet in the Water Play session."

"Time to go home."

"Can you eat your dinner through that?"

Isla Paradiso. So beautiful you will NEVER want to leave.

Mimi was left some money by her Great-Uncle Jeebus. The family's solicitors had been chasing her for years. She inherited §34,000, and he had also left Sooo an antique lamp. The money meant they could make a much larger extension to the house, and be far more comfortable.

Mowlam was trying to catch a moth for school, and Mimi wanted to find an emerald for her collection. But after several days of running around in the rain, neither had found what they were looking for.

Doug took up Lifeguarding. A great career, but with long, sometimes cold, days on the beach. Socks?

Sooo was delighted to spot signs of early pregnancy once again, and now she knew what to ask the genie for! She asked for long life to enjoy her children.

Doug decided that wearing his socks on the beach was what was causing his constant colds. They bought the beach where he worked (Crystal Waters Beach).

Sooo's baby was called Siouxsie.

Doug took the older children out and taught them to snorkel.

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