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Aria Renzella

and Ebenezer Clavier

Well, all by myself all over again, Aria reflected. Her new husband - with whom she hadn't even had a proper honeymoon - gone, suddenly. His sons had moved out, buying a little house with their inheritance, and they were talking about vendetta and about taking over the criminal fraternity here in Bridgeport. She had not even known until they told her what her dear Don's trade was.  Giovanni had eventually told her. She was shocked. But it didn't change the grief and loss she felt for her dear Don.

Practising for their next concert, Ebenezer and Aria rediscovered their common interests.

Aria and Clavier decided to get married, for reasons of convenience, and because they were old friends. They actually had liked one another for many years, and fitted together very well.

She was orchestra Conductor now, and he was the Leader of the Orchestra.

Aria finally got her honeymoon. They went to Egypt.

He explored a tomb and she busked in the marketplace.

In spite of appearances, he is half-swooning at the serenade she just played him!

In the tomb it was cool and dark. But he felt as if the statues were looking at him oddly.

"Oh treasure. I'll take this back for my dear Aria."

"Well, that was fun."

And back to the market to meet up with Aria.

They were recognised. "Oh we listen to your music a great deal. Very good music!"

Ebenezer woke the camp the next morning with his snake charming horn.