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Uberhood Updates

An Overview around Belladonna Cove.

Jessica Love, Gabe O'Mackey and Gabrielle O'Mackey

Jessica and Gabe finally decided to get married.

Time to go shopping for some spiffy wedding clothes.

She is naturally extremely friendly.

Of course they would have to get married at St Isidore's. It was after all Robert Tyndale who had brought them together.

"So Mrs O'Mackey! When is your baby due? They kept asking me at the reception."

Later that night, after much too much champagne!

Sandy Gothier and her children

Sandy was President of her own company, but much preferred to sing, and as she actually got offered a job as a Lounge Singer, she planned to take it up as soon as her baby was born.

Judie Wilkie is the daughter of the late Leo Wilkie, Jupiter is the son of Phoenix Gothier and Dove Gothier is the daughter of Phoenix.

Left to right here: Phoenix, Sandy, Jupiter, Gabe, Judie and Dove.

Sandy's new boyfriend was Gabe Lawson, who has just moved in. Gabe had long been an Instructor in the Military, is thinking of taking a less demanding job, and indeed got one at a local convenience store, which would give him time to look after his new family.

And they got married - Sandy insisted on keeping her own name so easy-going Gabe went with that and became Gabe Zhang.

Phoenix dropped in frequently for his children's birthdays and other special days. Jupiter ws very keen on chess, and actually the best in the family at it.

The new baby was called Divine. Sandy went back to work leaving Gabe with most of the childcare, with frequent assistance from Phoenix, who was quite the family Sim.

The Larsons

All in a day's work.

And what better way to relax?

Jodie finally got promoted to Surgeon and felt it was time to do something about her biological imperative. So she invited her old bestie Marcus Aurel over - he could not commit,. and she understood that, but as she said, they could share a hot tub.

Meanwhile, Jason proposed to his friend Ellen Frost, and she agreed to move into the household. Or at least to spend time with him.

Jason and Ellen moved out and got a duplex Downtown.

This left Jodie all by herself. And maybe pregnant.

The Albany Capp Family

This crazy, caring family. Kids everywhere. Albany lost his job at the office and got work as a security guard. Goneril wanted to go back to work but she would keep having babies.

"Are we getting a new little brother, Dada?"

"No! It's enough! Anyhow, Ma wants to go back to work tomorrow, you know, she got a new job for the Dragon Games company over in Desiderata. She's going to be working on the graphics for a new game, some title - Alice in Simland?"

"Alice, Simland is Frightening!" came a voice from the kitchen.

"Are we moving then?"

"I don't know yet. Let's see how it goes."

To be continued