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Pleasant Tales

Daniel finally tracked Jill Pratt down. She was living in a rather unappetising apartment Downtown. He dropped by and she made him most welcome, being genuinely fond of him. So he stayed over for a few days. After a few more days, she started to hint that now that he was divorced, he could think about remarrying. Or otherwise contribute to her food bills, which were much larger when he was there.

"I don't know, I would have to think about that," he teased. "Chastity Gere's already married, and not interested in me anyway," as she raised the rolling pin and waved it at him "Of course I will. I should have done it years ago."

After graduating, Justin Cleveland and Lilith Pleasant got an apartment Downtown together. There was no way she would move in with her mother and grandparents in the countryside. She wanted to be in the centre of everything, and she wanted to be with Justin. Well, Downtown was central.

They moved into a small apartment, where Lilith recognised one of the other tenants as her parents' erstwhile maid.

"It IS Jill Pratt? Oh, it's good to meet you again!" It was, and they spent a long time talking. Jill was now studying to be a teacher, and was genuinely pleased with Lilith's success.

"When you and your sister were always fighting... well it wasn't the worst thing wrong in that house."

"I know what you mean. Mum's remarried now; she's moved to Riverblossom, and seems MUCH happier."

"Oh, I'm so pleased for her. I liked your Mum, but she didn't like me. I suppose that was inevitable."

"Wasn't your fault. Dad's always been a womaniser. I'm glad Mum is happy now. My grandparents live right next door to her and Antonio, it's a very happy little family I gather."

"And your sister?"

"She's just finishing up at Uni, I don't know what she's planning after that."

Jill returning to her apartment, happily told Daniel that she had met Lilith, he had a fit.

"My DAUGHTER was living in one of those flats??? Don't you tell her I'm here! I don't want to see her."

"Oh, there was another thing. A strange old woman left a golden lamp outside the flat door early this morning."

Daniel asked the genie for money. "The solution to all life's problems. At least then we can move into a decent house."

So they could afford to get married and buy a bungalow in Desiderata, well away from his daughters, and his in-laws.

"We should have done this years ago!"

"Let me carry you over the doorstep, Mrs P."

"Yes, Mr P."

Finally happy, Dan finally made it to Hall of Famer. He took up writing his memoirs, and sold two volumes for quite respectable prices.

Dan smiled prettily for the cameras. It paid off. The promotion money made the little house a touch larger, and far more comfortable.

Their baby was called Kaylynn.

Then she had the twins: a boy, Jordan, and a girl, Aliyah.

Dan got lucky at work and they got a 50K boost. So they made the house larger to accomodate their growing family.

"I KNOW I make pretty babies, and I think the twins, plus these three, are quite enough."

So Dan bought single beds, but she still got pregnant again.

Jill and I are actually very pleased with this sitting room.


Justin and Lilith got married, very quietly. Mary-Sue, when told, was disappointed not to have hosted her dream big family wedding, but by now knew her daughter well enough to understand that wasn't Lilith's way.

"But we will help you get a decent home. The sort of wedding I would have done would have cost us a lot. I'll drop you over a cheque."

"Mum, you don't have to!"

"No, but I WANT to. And Antonio and your Grandad will come over and help you decorate and garden. You start looking for a nice house, and get out of that apartment! Make sure it's big enough, I want LOTS of grandchildren!"

Well, Mary-Sue was unable to resist the urge to break the news to Justin's parents in Belladonna, Marissa and Jason. Jason was in the Vice Squad, while Marissa owned a little shop in BC. Of course, they sent a cheque as well.

Mary-Sue didn't give Daniel a choice. She knew he had just had a windfall at work; Mary-Sue and Antonio, and the grandparents, the Oldies, not to be outdone, also sent a big chunk of their savings.

So the kids could buy themselves a decent home. Since they wanted to be "in the thick of things", and loved Downtown for all its grunge, that's where they decided to settle.

The estate agent's picture showed it to much better advantage.

A big old mansion called The House of Fallen Trees. It had been empty for years and was in quite a state. Lilith ADORED it.

Justin would have accepted an igloo with her, and this was fine by him. Lots of space, and a place to develop and redecorate.

"We both need to get jobs, this is going to be an expensive enterprise."

"I brought my computer. Let's get on and see what we can find."

The balcony was a nice place to sit in the evening sun and plan out the garden. Even though the railings were broken and the floorboards not good.

She landed a job pretty quickly - as a Bohemian Roamer.

He had to try harder, as his ambition inclined him to the military. These days, everyone had to start as a recruit, unless they had military in their family, the sergeant told him. But with a degree as good as his, it shouldn't take long to reach Officer status.

Oh! It wasn't just nausea from all the cleaning chemicals.

Delighted new father-to-be.

"I can see the kitchen through the holes in the floorboards."

"I know. Just be careful where you walk, ok? I'll get those fixed before we do anything else."

"Have you been down into the cellar yet?"

"Yeah - horribly deep, creepy. I chucked out some old boxes - looked like coffins. I want to make that into a normal sort of basement, for storage."

"Storage? This house is HUGE, and has - how many bedrooms?"

"I don't know. I seem to get a different answer every time I count. But it's really cold down there too, wonderful for pickles and things. And wine! I want to learn to make wine!"



Of course the house is by EA - it came with Nightlife.

Wonderful walls and floors, trees and plants by CycloneSue, Psychosim, and many others.