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Mole, Kat, Una, Frost, and Weir


John Mole was an architect. He was also an alcoholic.

I've got to drink because of the awesome responsibilities of my job! he told Elise, his long-suffering wife.

One day he bought home a barrel of rum and he and his friend Kent Capp, after consuming a large part of the contents, dressed up as knights, which seemed perfectly logical to them, and went out to buy more cigs.

While there, someone came in trying to rob the shopkeeper, Marissa Cleveland.

"Hey, you can't do that."

"Who's gonna stop me?"

"Me and my army here."

"So you're going to apologise to the nice lady, and then go away."

Sadly, he died. His cough, and occasional smoking, coupled with alcoholic poisoning from all that rum, finished him off. Elise found him in the early morning.

Leaving her as a fairly well-off widow.

Down at the gloomy cemetery, she bumped into Phoenix Gothier and Jenny Smith.

"I was so sorry to hear about your loss," said Phoenix.

"Thanks... I know he was a drunkard and he deserved it, but I do miss him terribly. Whatever else he was, I still do love him."


Met Ryan Wheeler and liked him more than Talin (Tata's father).

She's now working as a getaway driver.

By mutual agreement, Talin moved out... and maybe coincidentally, Tara got a Genie lamp :)

and Ryan moved in, with his 15K life savings.

And Tara was pregnant again.


Natasha had moved to BC to try her luck as an artist. Still not famous! she sighed. There has to be a better way to make them recognise my genius!

She moved into 74 Audrey Avenue, a pretty, older house, which actually had a heliport! Natasha was very eco-conscious and intended to get that "monstrosity" dug out and replaced with a larger pool.

She met and got engaged to Jack Couderc, who wears the kilt. He moved in with her and they were planning to get married as soon as he could get time off work. Jack was a medical researcher, working on the very unpleasant flu that was going around the city, so there was precious little of that.

Natasha was patient, and carried on with her plan to make a little shop to sell her pottery, making lots of stock for it, but she also still had that awful cough and needed to rest a lot. Jack watched her carefully.


Meanwhile at Sim State University Ellen Frost was a star. Intensely clever, very hardworking, and was going through her degree on a kind of accelerated program. She intended to be a doctor and did a lot of research, well beyond the demands of her studies. In the course of this, she discovered a cure for the virulent pneumonia that was sweeping the area.

She was at the Casteroff Dormitory along with Dustin, Mercutio and Romeo Monty (who got on fine now there are no women around - and no, Ellen didn't count), Chaz Whippler, and Phinaeus Furley.

Chaz, on the computer here, had a major crush on Ellen but she's barely aware of him.

Ellen was more interested in her best friend, a very outgoing cow mascot called Brenda Bransfield.

She graduated cum laude 3.7, four full terms before the rest of her cohort, and engaged to Brenda.

I think this gesture says something about her mixed feelings toward Chaz.

Back in Belladonna Cove

Having contacted local doctors for cases of the persistent pneumonia, Ellen first visited Jack, her colleague from university. Jack had been exposed to the flu once too often, and was seriously ill.

She managed to cure Una, but Jack died before her cure worked. Her first failure!

So she started her medical training in earnest, as an intern.

A few days later, Brenda in turn landed a very good job as an Associate Developer in a game company. Then they started to look for their own place, and got an apartment in the Tech Centre Flats in BC. Ellen, in her special assignment as visiting doctor, was expecting to be away quite a bit of the time, and the apartment had enough room for a pleasant study for Brenda; it was central too, advantageous for both of them.

But first, a holiday.

This was not without its own problems, as the hotel's billing department seemed to be run by a group of semi-literate babboons, but the girls concentrated on one another and on relaxing and had a lovely time anyway.


Tara had this genie lamp... not knowing what to wish for, she resurrected RonRoneo, her aunt's old cat. That was such a success that she tried for Jack Couderc and John Mole with her other two wishes. Sadly, Jack Couderc came back as a zombie and soon died again. (He died by digging... obsessively digging holes in the cellar until he starved.) John Mole was overjoyed to be reprieved and promised never to drink again. He moved out and went back home to Elise.

Tara's twins were called Dominic and Dorian.

Tata developed an interest in organic farming. "We had a visit from school to a farm, with real cows! The farmer's called Gabriel, after the angel. And he says I can go to college and learn to be a farmer myself!"

And the twins took to flying around the house.

John Mole

John Mole moved back home, full of gratitude for Tara. But he was dismayed to find that Elise still had that cough. So he rang Ellen. "I know you just came back from your honeymoon - but I think it's pretty urgent. She's been coughing all night, badly."

"I'll be right there, John." She could hear Elise coughing in the background, and hoped she wouldn't be too late. "Poor Jack," she thought. "I owe you. Maybe some day."

Well, she got there just in time, administered the cure and told Elise to stay in bed for a while and rest up. She also advised John to rest, as resurrection took a lot out of a Sim.

Ellen went happily back to her regular duties in the free clinic, and to Brenda.

Connor and Gina Weir

Gina was also happily pregnant again.

Posing for a family photo. "But I hate this awful grey shirt."

"So what, Condor's got his pyjamas on."

"I gotta go..."

Gina's new baby was a little girl, Connie.

With the boys, Condor and Connaught, now at school, and the help of at least three members of the local Nannies' Guild, Gina felt a little less rushed and could enjoy the new baby.

Soon she went back to her job.

And Connor made it to CEO.

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