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Capp adventures

At University, Angela got on very well with her fellow ballet student, Tybalt.

He wasn't very well, always tired and struggling with the work, was always hungry though he ate a lot, and finally collapsed.

Now at University, students do frequently collapse or fall asleep, but even the students thought Ty did seem to do it rather a lot.

He was taken to hospital, and eventually was diagnosed to have coeliac disease.

A lot of work's been done on the dorm this last term.

Benedick Monty graduated Summa Cum Laude 4.0 Psychology and no-one was more astonished than he was! while Dirk Dreamer had a year on Academic Probation, and a flirtation with a drama professor.

Angela saw Tybalt as Harry to her Hermione, with another dorm-mate, Rick Contrary, as her Ron. She and Rick got engaged, and planned to move in together as soon as possible.

Phoenix Gothier

After his traumatic divorce, Phoenix Gothier had to move into a small apartment Downtown, and he missed his children terribly.

He took over ZelRai's apartment when the latter left for pastures new. And had to come out of retirement and take work as a Legal Biller.

But he found it a disquieting place to live. The steel floors in the hallways were cold and prickly.

He never felt really safe.

He had a nightmare in which he shot Jill Pleasant, a former tenant of the block, for reasons that made sense in his dream.

On waking he phoned her - Daniel answered and reassured him that Jill was right there, and fine. Shaken, he moved to a small, but much nicer, rented house, still Downtown, with a small bonus from his new job, and took a roomie there, a guy who was tired of being a landlord himself, Ramin Barakat.

Consort and Tyler Capp

Consort Capp, now fully recovered from his burns after a prolonged stay in hospital, and his grandson Tybalt moved in together to what Consort called "a small place in Pleasant Woods."

Then they extended it. Tybalt had a large attic and the upper floor to himself.)

Consort immediately returned to work as a CEO and ruthlessly wrested back all his former power from his subordinates. Tybalt, in turn, wanted to be a classical ballet dancer at the Opera in BC, but dance jobs were few and far between, and as he hadn't even finished his degree, it was even harder. Consort advised him not to take any lesser jobs while he was waiting for his dream opportunity to come up. "MacJobs tend to get held against you. Better to wait, keep your skills up, and develop your network."

So he headed out to the hospital, where he was volunteering as a meditation and flexibility teacher until he could get a job. Where he bumped into Sandy Gothier, who immediately told him she wanted to have his babies. He took that as a compliment.

One of his "pupils" for Flexibility was Jan Tellerman MacArthur, who was having a VERY long first pregnancy.

making toast late one night, Tybalt set the kitchen on fire.

"You have to come soon."

"Yes, sir, calm down sir. Now please stay away from the fire. Is there anyone else in the house?"

"Yes - and he has just recovered from terrible burns. I don't know what to do. Should I even tell him?"

"yes, you definitely should tell him if the house is on fire. Probably best to get him outside."

But Consort had overheard some of the conversation.

"Nonsense! Here we go, let's put it out."

Meanwhile, the Larson twins s got a makeover

Jodie was working with Ellen Frost as a GP attached to the Hospital, while Jason was now in the Vice Squad.

Police detective work sometimes required thinking about OTHER things. Like clues.

To be continued.