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Emergency Downtown

Newbie policeman Jason Larson came out of the apartment he shared with his sister to go to work one morning, and found Coral Oldie wringing her hands and close to collapse herself.

"Herb and Linda..." she pointed and swayed. He caught her arm.

"Jodie! Help!" Hearing real emergency in his voice, Jodie came running.

"Oh SimGoddess! They're quite poorly, Jason. This could be that nasty flu-plague. We have to get them to the hospital." She helped Coral to a sitting position on the grass.

"I'll call on my bleeper. That's quicker than phoning."

The despatcher at work told him to go with the patients to the hospital, and report back when he had some news.

Mary-Sue met him in the hospital waiting room. "I'm told you brought my parents in, I want to thank you."

"It was nothing, Mary-Sue. Glad to help."

"Well, they worry me. They are a lot older than they look!"

"I'm sure you don't need to worry. This new hospital is great. They can fix anybody!"

Mary-Sue laughed awkwardly. "Well my Dad needs a few bolts tightening, I guess."

"Er. I'll just - go and wait over there."

Slightly embarassed, and not really knowing why, Jason went upstairs to the smoking room, leaving Mary-Sue pondering in the main waiting area.

ZelRai was there, and John Burb, a relative of the Oldies. "I'm leaving town," said ZelRai. "Just here for my final shots."

"We'll miss you. But where are you heading?"

John: "Where no fox has gone before?"

"Hur hur John. Yes, there's a new place - more my thing, lots of furries, fairies, demons, skunks - and you know what they say about skunks."

There was a silence.

"I don't believe in fairies."

"Well, it's hard being the only furry in town."

"... I suppose it is. Well, if I don't see you again, all the best of luck."

"Cheers, mate."

Jason was finally informed that all three of the patients had pneumonia, and of course Linda was in the very late stages of pregnancy. They would have to stay in the hospital for a few days.

Later that week, Jodie rang the matchmaker and asked for a blind date.

"This is all I can do for you, Miss Jodie," she said, as she deposited a lamp outside the apartment door.

Jodie refused to tell Jason what she had wished for.

But it's clear that Jason wished for money. They had to move, as he had been posted to the new Police Station in Belladonna Cove. Then he doubled over coughing.

"I'ld get that looked at if I were you."

Jodie called Ellen Frost, the doctor who specialised in treating the flu-plague.

"I'll be right there. Get him to rest meanwhile."

"Don't look so scared! It's just a little prick."

"If he's not, I am!" said Jodie from behind.

Pleasants in the House of Falling Trees

Sometimes it was very cold in the big old house. In spite of that, Lilith liked to write sitting at her computer wearing no clothes at all.

Little Adam. A bright, contented, self-contained sort of a child.

Lilith's housewarming party, which could not be held until the floors were all replaced and the foundations repaired.

"Jill, that jacket - you look so huge!"

"I know, it's stretched and baggy, but SO comfortable, and it keeps baby-bump nice and warm."

"When are you due?"

"From the way it feels, tomorrow! The kids are really looking forward to the new baby."


"You're all better now!"

"It was just a bug, honey. We're fine now. Coral's on her way too."


"You're talking now?"

"G'anny, there is old G'andad over there. Old G'andad's G'anny's Daddy."

"That's right, little man. You're talking VERY well! Old Grandad is Granny's Daddy. Where's your Daddy?"

He pointed at the bathroom.