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Pleasant update

Since I last showed Mary-Sue, let's look in on her ex-husband, Daniel.

He had such a big house, and his sister and brother-in-law had financial problems. Their small house in Riverview was almost completely destroyed in a fire, though no-one was hurt. Daniel invited them and daughter Lucy to stay with him.

newly single Dan was glad of the company. He hadn't found teenagers easy, but little Lucy was still at that sweet child stage. He and John did some major work on the house and built a "granny flat" for Daniel, above the new garage.

But he wasn't ready to retire. He had just been promoted to Coach. And, well, Mary-Sue had married again, maybe he would one day. He did go for a few dates.

Meanwhile, Lucy was growing up fast.

"Now I'm a teen, can I get my hair done properly?"

It didn't improve her temper.

The teary-eyed look that would make Lucy a fortune in years to come.