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Monty in RiverBlossom

First, a couple of wedding shots.

There were a lot of guests, of course.

Antonio knocked seven bells out of Consort. No idea what that was about.

Antonio is now married to Mary-Sue, and working as a medium. Beatrice and Benedict are at University.

Mary-Sue lost her post on the Council over a stupid misunderstanding. She wasn't sorry, as housekeeping seemed to take much more time out here in the countryside, where even food shopping could be an hours-long trip. She's still working, but in a much less demanding role.

Daniel came by to drop in some papers and Mary-Sue was pleased to see him.

"You stupid bimbo!" he shouted. "I wouldn't be seen dead with you. I don't know what I ever saw in you!"

Daniel was not particularly happy with his new domestic arrangements:

Antonio's children are Beatrice and Benedick, both off at university.

Antonio is a family man, and was delighted to invite Herb and Coral to stay; they also loved the place and he and Herb finally built a small house for them next door to the farmhouse on some empty land they bought with their savings.

Coral has a touch of flu so needs to rest. She and Herb have separate bedrooms and are perfectly happy with that arrangement!

Herb adores living out in the countryside and has developed a love of fishing.

Another shot of Herb's and Coral's little house, next to the larger Monty place.