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Simvivor Fit 0

Tita's Introduction

I always live on a hill. It can be hard work, struggling back home with all my shopping, but it has saved me more than once. I actually moved here before the Collapse, as they are calling it now. 

It all began with Twinbrook, you see. It was already in trouble because of the deep foundations required by all those tenement blocks and clubs-in-the-sky. All the sewerage too, of course. Also certain Sims had been drilling with a miner, and not using the town plans to choose safe spots and had caused cracking in those sewers. The Science Lab had been routinely and illegally dumping a great many unpleasant substances down the drains for years, and with the extra connections produced by the cracking of the sewers and the miners' tunnels, the noxious substances and the sewerage combined to produce a great deal of greenhouse gas. This in turn caused catastrophic local sea-level rise. Twinbrook, like most Sims worlds, was built on a relatively low-lying  island and - well, sank. Some of the Sim who lived there escaped, surviving by boat-bathtubs and whatever means they could, or simply crowding onto whatever dry land they could find. I heard that Riverview was largely affected in the same way. 

So in this case living on a hill DID quite literally save me. And a few other Sims who managed to claw their way in.

So here I am, with my pretty little house on this beautiful promontory on a pretty little island called Shearwater. And SimGoddess has told me what She wants me to do. Now far be in from me to deny Her anything, but - well, she has some odd ideas at times. In this case... well, I don't have a choice but it all seems mighty strange to me.

There are these eight Sims. They are also survivors, and managed to get a ride on a boat to Shearwater. Now I'm not totally happy about this. I liked living here all by myself; it was my own little island. Of course I knew folks would get here and start to rebuild - oh, yes, I should mention that most of the buildings here were severely damaged by the sea-quake and have been demolished for safety's sake, by me and a couple of others who made it here.

These eight strangers - they do seem oddly familiar, as if I might have met them somewhere else, in another life, maybe.

So anyway, She tells me I have to welcome them first. That could be fun. And then I am to devise a challenge per week. And then each week I am to "off" one, as She puts it, dispose of one of them, depending partly on the challenge and partly on the relationships between themselves. Well, if they cannot get on, they don't deserve to rebuild a new world, do they?

Once the Challenge is over, if I want to, She promises to port me away to a completely different world; or I may choose to stay here and help develop the new city if I wish. I'm not really thinking that far ahead at the moment.

Oh well, I'll get my jogging suit on - their camp is at the very furthest end of the island from my home. I like it that way. Once they realise the "rules" they are not going to like me. I'm thinking electric fences. Maybe I could get some big, fierce dogs. Rottweilers maybe?

Fit I


The lovely island of Shearwater is made by SimSample and is available from Neighbourhood 99. I apologise to him for emptying the world of his fine buildings, but I am playing another group of families on the "full" Shearwater. For this Challenge I wanted a world I could build on. The winner will go on to live on that world, hopefully with a good start, in a ratehr Apocalypse or Town-Building Challenge style. (Hey, I'm making the rules up as I go along, here!)

The Sims in question are self-Sims from MATY and will be credited as they appear.

Tita is made by me and can be downloaded from this site.

My Rules

The eight Contestants were rescued from old saves of games wrecked by the Pets disaster.

They come with their traits and skills as they had developed in my game up to my big crash.
This is the whole MATY gang from the Twinbrook Tenetment, as they called it, with a couple more MATYzens thrown in.

The Contestants