Basement Building

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Basement Landscape ]

Basements or Cellars are quite feasible in Sims 2, though a slightly complex operation. They work: your Sims can go downstairs, use the cellar as living space, bury unwanted relatives there, or keep it as a dark and gloomy junk room. You can only go down 1 level, though, unlike with Sims 3. You CAN make it look like different levels with clever use of stairs.

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Move down a floor to the "ground" level.

Put one tile of foundation in the middle of this and wallpaper that tile on the side facing you with any wallpaper that has a line across at the base.

Remove the foundation tile in the middle of the basement, tile its floor and decorate it as required. You can build the outer walls of your house anywhere on the foundation. Surprisingly it is strong enough, even for a multi-storey house.

Why I made this tutorial

Where I live, many homes have basements and the majority have three floors above ground as well. I tried to have basement homes in Sims 1, learned from some of the giants of our community, specially Guabaman and Bluesage, but never got their houses, or those I made, working quite as they should. Visitors would try to leave the lot from what they (the game!) believed was the ground floor and got horribly confused. I found I had to evict the Newbies' visitors with move_objects on, which I hated.

See also Basement Landscape ] which explores the Foundation tool further.

Sita March 14, 2018