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XXL Sims, Big Sims, Bigger Sims, Fat Sims, Big Beautiful Women, Plus size, XL, Bigger Sims, Body Builders, Big Man, Big Daddy, Consort's Heavy Males

Links to and information about meshes, policies and clothes downloads for Extra Large Sims

There were too many to fit on one page so these links are now split onto more pages below. It is wonderful to see so many clothes for my larger-than-life Sims!

Female ] Male ] Bears ] Huge Body Builders ]

I have made a few outfits for some of the larger sizes, see Clothes on this site.

If you have the outfits working in your game complete with meshes but the CAS screen shows a default outfit, delete the file CASThumbnails.package from your thumbnails folder:

C:\...\My Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\Thumbnails

That should reset them.

Some find that it can also help to make these meshes work if they are stored in the Downloads folder rather than in subfolders.

If you like Skinny! 

Androgynous Female (or Double Mastectomy) by Gothplague is availabe at Garden of Shadows with complete range of meshes and clothes including some showerproof skins.

There are many other skinny meshes but I prefer this one. Look at Mod the Sims 2, and for more.

Honorable Mentions

Big is Beautiful Martaxl "This is my first site which promotes Sims size acceptance"

Showerproof skintones for these meshes

Stefan's realism skintones reassigned to the Martaxl meshes.

Showerproof skins and appropriate meshes are necessary to avoid the "floating head syndrome" - ie when Sims are in the shower or bath their bodies completely disappear!

Teen through to Elder male and female.
Has working fat and pregnant states.
"Barbie" skintone (no naughty bits) by Gothplague at

and AC version on Insimadult.

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