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There are many ways a Sim can die.

There are also ways YOU can kill your Sims.

And there are ways Sims can (appear to) kill Sims.



Community Lot


Natural Deaths















This isn't really a way YOU can kill a Sim. Unless you are evil and put a disease hack into your game.

Knowledge Sims

See Pescado's detailed research on Sims 2 illnesses.

You can kill your Sims by:

Sims can kill Sims by means of:


Different styles of death produce ghosts of different colours.

Fire Red and smoking
Drowning Blue, drops puddles of water
Electrocution Yellow. Sparking and occasionally electrify.
Starvation Transparent. Steals food from fridge.
Old Age White
Disease Green
Fear Pink
Flies Purple
Satellite Orange
Hail Dark Pink
Lightening Yellow?
Elevator Transparent
Evil kite Yellow
Cowplant Light Green
Sunlight Transparent
Rallye Forth Ghosts have a cone and continue to rallye (sp) forth!

Ghosts will! get jealous if a spouse still lives on the lot, particularly if she remarries; they tend to pop up in the bedroom at awkward times... or if strangers move into their houses.

If a Sim is a vampire, werewolf, zombie, when resurrected they come back as whatever creature they were, not as the "human" Sim. There seems to be no way to restore a zombie: once a zombie, always a zombie.

Ghosts get very angry if their tombstone is kicked or damaged. And angry ghosts are bad news.

Ghosts cannot cross foundation boundaries without stairs. This can slow their entry to your Sims' house. Or build them a mausoleum, and take away the stairs.

They also cannot cross pond water, or pool water without a bridge or board, just as any Sim. They CAN go through walls of houses if the house has no foundation, so making house on a foundation slows their entry.

For seeing ghosts in the cemetery, have living family members visit; ghosts usually appear between 9PM and 5 or 6 AM. 

To encourage their appearance, a disturbance in the Force helps - for example, have a money Sim's family member waste money! or send an unmarried, childless Sim to visit the grave of a family Sim's ghost. In other words, irritate the ghost to cause it to rise from its grave.

Pet ghosts will appear randomly when their masters are around.


You can use the Resurrect-O-Nomitron to resurrect Sims your Sim knew. Don't spend more than 8,513 on the Ressurect-O-Nomitron, as spending more will not decrease the chance of a Zombie appearance!

Community Lot

If a Sim dies on a Community Lot you can now exit the Lot without saving, and before the Ghost leaves the Lot, to return to a Sim still full of life!

Sita January 30, 2019