Built-in Garage

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Have you wanted to make a house with a built-in garage? But the garage has to be at ground level while the house should have a foundation?

Here's a simple walkthrough to doing exactly that. 

Make a simple shape on a brick foundation - this has one large room plus garage.

Then use Control Shift and C to bring up the cheat box and input the cheat code boolprop constrainfloorelevation false

Your house is floating! Don't panic...

  1. You may find the level too will apparently not work on the single tile in the corner - force it to, by selecting the tiles immediately next to the one you want to level, so that you have a 2x2 square selected.

Of course it will pull the wall down again. 

But we know what to do about that - go up a level and use floor tiles to level the floor... (remember the cheat is still ON)

Now at last we have finished with the cheat. 

Turn it off: 

Finish the house as you like. I put stairs up from the garage to the house.

Here's the house that I made from this base...

Sita Capak