Seasons Tips

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Seasons is a complex EP with many tweaks and twiddles, new careers and new skills.


PlantSims automatically have gold talent badges in gardening. They keep the badge even if cured of plantSimism, becoming normal Sims.

The Gardening Talent Badge is linked to Charisma.

Buy the fruit trees in the new seasons section of Build/Garden centre. place your fruit trees, tend them, specially TALK TO THEM and eventually they will bear fruit.

As for buying seeds, first you must place garden plots (this works just like the foundation tool). Once you have placed your garden plots you can click on them and either select fertilize (if you have a composter available you can use your own.... provided you have enough trash in it, or you can buy bags as required). Then select plant. At first the only option for plant is Tomatoes, as skill increases more plants are available.

No badge = tomatoes
Bronze = Strawberries Cucumbers
Silver = Pole beans, peppers
Gold = Eggplant


There are 9 types of fruit and vegetables.

Apple, Cucumber, Eggplant, Lemon, Orange, Pepper, Pole Bean, Strawberry, Tomato.

Each crop harvested will have a "rating" that will determine what it can sell for and what hunger points it is given.
Mouthwatering is the highest then Tasty and finally bland - each type of food has it's own price set.

Rain will water the plants, but if there is no rain you will need to water them.

Time from planting to harvest

Apple 4 days
Cucumber 4 days 9hrs
Eggplant 6days 3hrs
Lemon 4days
Orange 3 days
Pepper 6days 3hrs
Pole Bean 4days 9 hrs
Strawberry 5days 6hrs
Tomato 5days 6hrs


There is NO teen stage so college is not possible for PlantSims. When they transform from toddler to adult, you pick their aspiration and turn ons/offs.

An Adult PlantSim can Try for Baby in the traditional way, but it must be initiated by the other Sim (PlantSims don't have the Try for Baby option). They will produce a normal Sim baby without any PlantSims plant traits. They actually inherit traits of the PlantSim's hidden normal appearance, which is how the PlantSim would look if cured.

Spawned PlantSim toddlers inherit the identical personality, skills, and gardening badge (Gold when they become an adult) as the parent. Interests are still assigned randomly.

But they do not look identical. Their appearance is based on the genetics of the PlantSim parent plus those of an imaginary "perfect" PlantSim ideal that acts as the second "parent" for appearance purposes only. This makes sure you don't end up with a bunch of physical clones.

To transform a Normal Sim into a plant Sim: he must spray plants/trees (with too much pesticide) 100 times before having a 10% chance of turning into a PlantSim.

PlantSims' lifespan is shorter then normal Sims at 26 days. Toddlers have a 4 day lifespan, adults 29 days, but the special powers of PlantSims make better use of short lifetime: they don't need to eat or sleep, so "live life around the clock".

Can reproduce both sexually and asexually: Using try for baby always results in a normal Sim baby. Spawning asexually, a toddler emerges from a seed, already able to walk and talk.

PlantSim Needs: Sunlight, water, love.


satisfied by: being outside, artificial sunlamps, greenhouse wall tiles. Sunlight is like the energy need. If the sunlight need falls, they run outside to soak in the sun. If it's night, they run outside, but pass out on the ground face down, not to wake up until sunrise.


satisfied by: Drinking fluids, playing in rain puddles, using water wiggler, water balloon fight, rain, showering/bathing, hot tubs, swimming, water balloon prank. Water is like the hunger need. If water needs fall Sims wilt and turn brownish. They run outside to the mailbox and wait for the next rain. If no rain comes soon they pass out on the ground. If there another Sim on the lot he/she can revive the PlantSim with a sprinkle from a watering can. If there is no Sim on the lot, you have to wait until it rains.


all the above plus playing in toilets and eating flowers. 


satisfied by: Any kind of interaction with another Sim, acts just like the social needs.


by calling the garden club or gypsy matchmaker, who sells a potion called Plantophic-C which turns them back into a normal Sim.


PlantSims can wear other clothing, and the everyday outfit is the leafy outfit.

Death: PlantSims can die in the same ways as regular Sims. They cannot die of heatstroke (like regular Sims), and they can last longer in the pool without a ladder because they live off water, but will eventually become waterlogged and die.

JUICE information

Apple juice 4 apples Faster homework
Beauty Cocktail 2 oranges 1 cucumber Love potion
Eggplant juice 1 eggplant Gives random skill point
Lemonade 4 lemons Cools Sims down
Orange juice 4 oranges Cures colds
Orangeaid 3 oranges 1 lemon Gives random Badge points
Pepper Punch  1 pepper 4 pole beans 2apples Energy boost
Pureed boot 1 boot Sims freak out
Strawberry juice 6 strawberries Clears furious bits
Strawberry lemonade 3 lemons 2 strawberries Gives platinum mood
Tomato juice  3 tomatoes warms Sim up
Veggie cocktail 2 tomatoes 1 cucumber 1 pepper 3 polebeans build skills faster

Produce can be put on shelves and sold (Needs Open For Business ).


Real conservatories or "indoor gardens" are now possible if you build your greenhouse directly connecting to the house.

The greenhouse has glass doors and walls (in green, wood and white) and a roof although you can use a regular roof without losing the greenhouse effects and vice versa, meaning that a glass roof will not help your Plant Sims while indoors. Supposedly if you are good at building you can use the greenhouse roof as a skylight! You can put sculptures on the roof now too, the lightening rod, weather vane, and they can go on corners or edges too, as long as it fits in a 1 x 1 square at the meeting of any two roof tiles. Now you can have a gargoyle on your roof!

Swimming Pools

Swimming pools can have rounded corners, which are 2 x 2 pieces (four tiles total). You can paint the pool walls and floors with different wallpapers to decorate however you like. The slide can only be put on straight edges of the pool.

New Careers

Career Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Level 10
Adventurer: Ambassador's Intern - $172 per day
Spelunker Multiregional Sim of Some Question Deep Sea Excavator Relic Liberator Dread Pirate Warhead Disarmer Hostage Negotiator International Sim of Mystery Space Pirate - $2,730 per day
Education Playground monitor - $215 per day
Teacher's Aide
Substitute Teacher Elementary School Teacher High School Teacher University Guest Lecturer High School Principal College Senior Professor College Dean of Students Education Minister - $3,450 per day
Gamer Noob - $123 per day 

Button Masher
Trash Talker Gold Farmer Flag Capturer Platform Jumper Power Leveler Real Time Strategizer Guild Leader Game Designer - $1,960 per day


Golden Skull of Jumbok IV: Adventurer, Level 5

It looks like a statue and is referred to as an idol. When Sims stand near it they will sometimes get an increase in Energy, Fun, Comfort, Social, Hygiene, and the boost can be added on top of any other object your Sim might already be doing.. so if they are playing pinball for Fun, their Fun could get a huge increase, or if it is near a bed, their Energy would refill faster

Tribal Flame a la Coconut Pinball: Gamer, Level 5

Looks like a tribal pinball machine...very strange looking
Fills up Fun need and can make you money 5 per turn
Mostly the same as the normal pinball machines, but as you play it will keep adding Simoleans to your Sim's household funds, 5 at a time

"I Object" Litigator: Law, Level 5

Looks like a podium
Practice cases but get paid for doing it at 5 at a time, also increases Charisma.

The Gootentaugen Award for Excellence in Journalism: Journalism, Level 6

Looks like a trophy of a feather quill and paper.
When Sims stand near it they will sometimes get an increase in Energy, Fun, Comfort, Social, Hygiene, and the boost can be added on top of any other object your Sim might already be doing. If they are playing pinball for Fun, their Fun could get a huge increase, or if it is near a bed, their Energy would refill faster (this is just like the Adventurer reward)

The Rock Hammer: Music, Level 6

A guitar, looks basically like the regular University one but has a big wall of speakers with it
They can Practice playing, which builds Creativity more quickly than the regular guitar. If you have University you can also perform with it, and have the tip jar out, but the speeded up skill building will be lost

Books First for Learning: A Bookshelf of Education: Education, Level 5

Looks like a fancy bookcase with a golden book on top
It basically does what regular bookshelves do but you can learn skills at a much faster pace. Sims can also learn Body, Charisma, Creativity and Logic skills from this bookshelf.

Career Ideal Personality Traits Skills Ideal Major
Gamer Serious  Playful Logic Mechanical  Creativity Math/Physics
Adventurer Active  Outgoing Body Mechanical Charisma Drama/Literature
Music Outgoing Playful  Creativity Mechanical Charisma Economics/Literature
Law Outgoing Neat Serious Cleaning Logic Charisma History/Political Science/Psychology
Journalism Outgoing Playful  Creativity Cooking Charisma Art/Philosophy
Education Neat Serious  Outgoing Cleaning Logic Charisma Biology/Psychology