Going Up

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Foundation counts as one floor level. If you are going to want a basement or cellar you HAVE to have a foundation, and most houses look better with a foundation.

In Build Mode (the roller and saw icon) select one of the square foundation tools.

Drag out a rectangular shape on the ground.

To delete foundation (in Windows) hold down the control key while dragging over the area to be deleted; it should show up as bright green.


(omit this if in a hurry)

Foundations of different shapes can be made by using the angled foundation tools, adding and subtracting to the basic shape. Here's a challenge - see if you can make this, it will give you some practice with the foundation tools. I haven't used any cheats to make this.

Back to business.

Now build walls: on your plain foundation or on the fancy one.

Floor 1

I put down a different colour flooring for each level to help me keep track. You can decorate properly after you have finished building.

Floor 2

Floor 3

Floor 4.

But now the "go up a level tool" (the upper part of the little house) is greyed out.

And so far we have a basement and four floors. How to go higher?

the answer is, place a dormer. (You can remove it later if you like). Choose the Roofing tool and put a dormer on. You may need to remove some walls to place it. Once it is in place, make sure the walls are continuous around the whole of the floor, and your tiling and building area will reappear.

and then

Floor 5.

This IS the top floor. In the normal way of things, you cannot put a roof on top of walls here. But you can take off the walls and put on a roof garden, railings, or even a roof.

So we have a basement (or foundation) and five floors. This is a substantial building and on many computers to go taller than this would produce a virtually unplayable building. The camera angles on upper floors are tricky for playing too.

If you leave out the basement\foundation, and put in an extra layer of wall, that works to produce a slightly taller building.

Here you can see the finished product and a plain house made with no foundation next door (actually both on the same lot.)

Both have stairs but no furniture. 


The blue house has not enough headspace under the roof to make an attic. The white house also has a small, windowless attic space.

Sita Capak 25 Jan 2006