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Mambo Loa the Ghostbuster

"I hate to think what you put in your bin..."

Much of the childcare, that is, looking after Nancy, in the Ladeez house fell to Mambo, as everyone else in the house worked daytimes. She enjoyed it, except when she was really tired.

"It's the playpen for you, my young lady. Everybody's too tired to play with you! and I need to catch forty winks."

Mambo's Spirit Garden.

Mambo to their maid:

"I don't appreciate you gossiping about Bake Hamster and me. And yes, I do like him. I know he's not popular, but I believe he's good husband material. As in, he's someone I can shape to what I want in a husband. In fact, I'm going to move in with him tomorrow. Yes, I know he has a younger brother. Not a big deal! if poltergeists don't frighten me, I'm sure I can cope with a teen. So mind your own business!"

She moved in with Bake and Chew, who had a tiny house near the harbour. With a little bit of redecoration, she thought, it could be made rather pleasant.

Although he liked having her around, Bake initially wasn't keen on getting married.

"Why should we get married when I've got everything I want right here?" This would take more work, she thought.

So she cooked him a fine meal, cleaned the house from top to bottom, cooked more meals, re-tiled the bathroom and kitchen, bought in new appliances for the house. And finally, he agreed.

Chew got a part-time job at the greengrocers, at the suggestion of his teacher. Bake insisted he didn't want a job, until someone explained to him the tradition of going to the Dog and Duck after work to hang out with one's colleagues. Then he decided to learn to make coffee.