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One Cheat to Rule Them All

see also Allmenus

This cheat is powerful. However it can be dangerous to use it too much. It seems to destabilise your game if you leave it on, so make sure you turn it off as soon as you have finished using it.

It does more than I have detailed here and is worth exploring.

If you have a lot that crashes every time you load it

At the neighbourhood screen, open up the cheat window and type boolprop testingcheatsenabled true and hit Enter.

Click on the lot you want to go into and enter it normally. You will receive one or multiple error pop-up messages with several options.

(I like to take screenshots of the messages.)

Click on the Delete option each time and the lot will continue loading. This deletes the problematic objects from the lot. (Not from the game!)

At this point, save the game and exit to the Neighbourhood. You can then reload the lot without error messages.

Turn the cheat back off with the boolprop testingcheatsenabled false command. 


Don't select the Force Error option.

Then shift and click on 

boolprop testingcheatsenabled false turns it off. 

To control a visiting Sim

As long as you have "room" in your household you can control visiting Sims just like regular "household" Sims. With boolprop testingcheatsenabled true on,

Click on the "visiting Sim", choose make selectable and the visiting Sim will then appear in your household roster.

They then become for most purposes, a member of your household. 

This works for playable Sims and for NPCs; even for babies. For babies, select as above, then unselect them and then reselect them again to make them appear permanently in the family line-up. This way you can check their needs and relationship scores at a glance.


these visitors do not count as family adults for purposes of caring for children. You will still need a nanny, or you may be visited by Social Services...

Get newspaper delivered on Campus

If you're playing on a University campus, newspapers are not automatically delivered. So you'll have to do the following to get a paper:

Open the cheat box.

Turn on boolprop testingcheatsenabled.

Click the Mailbox.

Select Create NPC

Select Deliver Newspaper 

Soon the newspaper will be delivered.

Force ANY Pregnancy between ingame Sims (no matter what relationship or even which gender the "mother" is!

The two Sims concerned should be on the Lot. 

Warning: Sim males can become pregnant as well as females. The Sim selected when you click on the Tombstone is the one who will be pregnant!

Reroll Lifetime Wants

enable the cheat "boolprop testingcheatsenabled true" hold down the shift button and click on the Sims. then click spawn then Sim Modder. A statue of a baby will appear next to the Sim. Click on the baby, and then  Wants and Fears then Lifetime and on the left you will be able to roll ANY lifetime want for any aspiration. on the right you will be able to roll LTW for just that aspiration. Keep doing it until you get the LTW you want.

Make Sim into Secret Society member

SHIFT-CLICK on the Sim

Add to Secret Society (University Only): Young Adult Sims at college will instantly become members of the Secret Society. Will not be taken away in the limo or instantly be friends with any members.

The first time I did this the Sim froze and had to be deleted using move_objects on.

Invite all Neighbors


Make friends for me


Make me know everyone


Max Needs


Force Burglary


Trigger Birthday


The allmenus cheat

This is a sophisticated cheat available for those comfortable with using the One Cheat, particularly good for story makers.

  1. Close game if open.
  2. Locate your config file. This will be at Program Files\EA Games\[your last installed EP]\TSData\Res\Config\GlobalProps.xml
  3. Back it up.
  4. Open it - Dreamweaver does this nicely or any text reader will work. Add this line anywhere in the string of commands

    <AnyBoolean key="testingCheatsEnabled" type="0xcba908e1">true</AnyBoolean>

  5. Save and close.
  6. Load up the game.
  7. Once the game has loaded, open the cheat box and type allmenus on. This will show many options. Hit Tab to show the next part of the pie-chart. You can turn this off with allmenus off. BUT be aware that this will leave the Testing Cheats to be on all the time; you will not be able to turn it off from within the cheat box. This shouldn't hurt your game.

For most gameplay I would keep allmenus turned off, but there are times in every story maker's progress when they need a different animation to happen...

What this does - it allows all interactions possible on a Sim to be visible in pie-chart form. Some of the actions that are now selectable do not make sense and simply will not happen - telling a Sim to talk to another's baby when they are not pregnant, for instance. Some will bring up error messages. But you can use the aspiration failure dialogues, for instance. 

See also and


boolProp ShowCatalogePFlags [true/false]
Will show you from which EP/SP objects etc in the buy/build catalog came from.