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Lights in Starlight Shores 8

And then Durga, TitaI, Lakshmi, Drita, and Ahmediaz went to France for a short trip, leaving the two younger children and the dogs with a babysitter.

"By the power of DURGA!"

"I love it when I have a chance to use this axe."

And underneath.

Back home:

"Hey, it's not just about breaking rocks."

I love the wintry city.

The teens wanted somewhere to play table tennis, so they made an extension. It's open-air and rather cold in the Starlight climate, so a heater was added.

Teenage Ahmediaz and his favourite interests: fishing and their new puppy.

Ahmediaz and Lakshmi aged up to YA, and after Graduation day for Ahmediaz and Lakshmi - summer, and it was hailing "I've had enough."

TitaI, Ahmediaz, Cosmo and T'Resa set off for Shang Simla.