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From Starlight Shores to Champs les Sims

The whole family went, even little Drita. Ahmediaz hurried off to the Chateau de Landgraab, and finally completed the upper levels.

His new friend Yves, a writer, was delighted to have the information Ahmediaz was able to glean about the history of the Landgraab family, and paid well for it.

"Oh, not again!"

French aliens have scooters instead of spaceships!

Not surprisingly, T'Resa's mood the next day was completely awful and caused a minor quake.

The others shopped, collected, fished a little, played chess, tossed a ball, and simply wandered about. Yes, of COURSE Durga took her Miner to France!

"Turn it off, Durga! You're keeping the French awake!"

I think those are roast garlic, which might explain why Drita thinks the miner hole is haunted.