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Lights in Starlight Shores 5

Durga and TitaI did some more experimenting with Transmogrification; their funds were low after the trip and making Soulpeace eggs, while artistic, was not making the family any money.

TitaI went to pick up profits from the Grocery Shop, and sold her crop of herbs.

And then thought some Supernovium would get them clear of financial difficulties, and would be easy to make considering all the mineral ingots stored in the chest in their garage. Here is a Large one.

This mixture makes

A Supernovium, a Plutonium and some Irons.

Cosmo is Drita's Invisible Friend.

"Cosmo, say hello to big sis."

Sister: "..."

"OK Mom, I need §4,500 to buy a potion."

"Drink this."


And meet Cosmo, the newest member of the family.

Meanwhile, trying for a Star Cut Tiberium in the garage:

TitaI finally produced a Large Spire Cut Soulpeace, not too shabby at a base value of §251,643. Worth a singeing. Note also the Tiberium garden growing on the floor from Gem Dust.