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The Lights Family in Starlight Shores 2

After their long China trip, Drita made her mums promise not to go away for so long next time. Or at least not to leave her behind.

Tita bought a new outfit, to look fierce as the owner of the Grocery Store. She still spent most of her time in her gi though - obsessed with athletics, she thought maybe she would open a dojo at some point.

Many gems were collected, and gradually processed.

TitaI had been carrying around two raw tiberiums in her pocket, which had NEVER given her side-effects - eventually she cut them into small spire-cut gems, and they immediately started to throw radiation. Also she got 3 piles of tiberium dust from the two gems. So put them on the bench to see if anything further would happen to them.

The small spire grew overnight.

And after a few more days, they were ALL now Large Spire Cuts. TitaI gave up collecting the money from the Grocery Store, and bought Ahmediaz a new car to go to school in.

It was little Drita's birthday. She aged with athletic.

(Mama Durga ran away to sleep without waiting for cake.)

"NOOOO don't take a picture!"

Drita aged up, unsurprisingly, as athletic, and with even lighter blonde hair than her mother. You can see behind them a collection of Chinese vases and a few other items from their recent journey to China. Much of their old collections had been shattered in the earthquake that finally persuaded them to move out of Aurora Snows.

Ahmed and his sisters had a short expedition to France.

Ahmed got trapped at the Landgraab house. He called his sisters, who looked up the solution to his problem on the Net, and told him how to teleport downstairs, after which they managed to get the Admiral's papers.