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The Lights family in Starlight Shores 3

Durga, you may remember, was a Genie freed by TitaI.

T'Resa is the eldest of their children, Ahmediaz and Lakshmi, though they are half-brother and sister, were born on the same day, and little Drita is still quite young.

Teenagers get bored quickly, particularly when it's cold outside, but it was time for the Prom, so they had to be there this winter.

It was T'Resa's first Prom, so Durga did her hair specially.

"Why is it always SNOWING?"

"Why d'you think we usually go abroad at Christmas?"

In this household of women, when they had all done one another's hair and makeup, and run out of boys to criticise, there was always snow to play in. Ahmediaz tended to study in his own room, or play on the Net.

"You'll get a cold bottom sitting there."

Sigh. "Yes, Mums."

Sports obsessed.

Minerals to process. This was an unsuccessful attempt to make a Woohooium, but it did produce a Mummitomium.

One unusually warm evening, Durga opened a bottle of Nectar.

"Can we go back to France soon?"

"I don't see why not, Prom is over, and you've finished your exams for this year. How about next week? For a longer break this time?"

"I think they've found out about our underground city!"