Further Infestation

Bridgeport Revisited


This is a vanilla game, on Normal Lifespan. Not really a Challenge. More of an exploration...

I never completely explored this town. And the Funkes are a family I haven't played. Nor have I played zombies much, as the EA zombies are totally disappointing. Zombies that attack plants? That are put off by a scream? That move so slowly you can always run away?

Then I discovered the NRAAS Vector mod and Zombie Rage. <Mwahahahaaa>

The Sad Tale of Matilda Smart

The Funkes Underground

The Littlers in the Watchtower

Further Infestation




This is a World provided with the Late Night Expansion Pack (similar to NightLife for Sims 2, Hot Date for Sims 1).

It's very urban and busy.



Don Salvatore Renzella and his sons' Sims were made by FebruaryRain from Neighbourhood 99.

Other Sims are by EA or some may appear on World Credits.

I made Chiyoku Fujiwara, the star of my Rhapsody in Chinese challenge, and her house is a redesign of the EA Rhapsody in Blue house.

I used a hack to increase fire by Zaroba from Mod the Sims 2.