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The Sad Tale of Matilda Smart

It was a dark time.

A strange time.

A time to worry.

It all started with a series of explosions at the house on Hamming Pier Road in Bridgeport. At the time, Matilda Smart lived there with a strange Sim called Martahay Rasputin, an inventor.

One day, Martahay completely disappeared, and the house was half destroyed. Matilda came home from her job at the Spa and was appalled. "No, officer, I have no idea how it could have happened. And no, I don't know where he went. All those charming firemen have left now. Are you doing anything tonight?"

She invited Harry Marks and Alexy Fresco over to look at the damage. Alexy had been working as a kitchen helper, but had been fired from his job and was short of money.

Matilda worked as an Intake Specialist at the Spa. "I mustn't damage my nail polish by clearing rubble. But I'll pay you guys to clear it all up, make an attempt at repairs, at least enough to keep the rain and snow out, till I can call in a proper builder, and get the place properly rebuilt."

"Sounds good to me," grinned Harry.

Alexy wanted to examine the workbenches and try to figure out what had happened to Martahay. "I can't see what he was working on, and he hasn't left any notes."

Harry managed to clear an upstairs room which still had an intact roof, and made it into bedrooms for himself and Alexy. And they moved the old washing machine indoors to the kitchen, as the utility room was a write-off, full of rubble and soot.

That evening, Matilda told them she had seen something strange at work - Sims with greenish skin, walking oddly, but still going about their daily business. "Actually, Alexy, you're looking a bit green about the gills yourself. You've been working too hard. Why not have a bath, there's gallons of hot water!"

"I got stuck in a hedge," he explained. "But I do feel fluey. I did go to the virologist this afternoon. But by the time I got there the department was closed."

"Ah, you look much better now you had a bath. No need to feel self-conscious, we are all friends. Harry, why are you walking like that? Oh, picking up the washing? Cool. Oh, you're making me nervous, why are you looking at me like that?"

"Oh I get it, playing at Hallowe'en? Harry, it's November..."


"Oh, I get it. Brains means you're hungry. Very clever."

"The laundry's still all over the floor, chaps, when you have eaten. Please would you move it?"

But the kitchen caught fire instead.

"Alexy, I don't think the fireman wants to play... oh, maybe he does."

Polly put the fire out, Polly put the fire out. This was Polly Maloney's first appearance. She arrived and put a fire out. Then another, and another. Polly would never admit it, but she had always dreamed of being a firewoman.

They had several fires, for no apparent reason. I suspect Alexy had something planned.

Polly to the rescue again.

Maids are, unsurprisingly, rather afraid of fires.

With good reason.

"Put me out, put me out!"

"Shut up laughing, you, this is SO not funny!"

"All right, all right!"

Polly was sniffing the scent of the maid, and starting to feel hungry again, when the awful thing happened.

"Well, who was it that lit it?"

I think Harry lit it..."

"Oh no."

Now Matilda is not as slow on the uptake as the zombies. She understood immediately that Harry was dead!

Everyone crowded onto the small landing there, even the Grim Reaper.


After the reaper had been, Polly finally got to Matilda. (The maids escaped, both of them claiming to have other duties.)


The house is The Destroyed Building by Shady at Mod the Sims 2.