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School and Dancing

Here's Luca, hanging around at school.

"Waiting for a young lady perhaps?"

"No! I've been asked to look out for a new kid, Bryan Blanks. His mum might be a little late collecting him."

"And here he is!"

"Your Mum's my art teacher!"

Genie, Bryan's Mum, worked at the school, and had not been able to avoid the meeting even though it was Bryan's first day there.

"I'm so sorry to be late, Luca! Thanks for looking after Bryan for me!" (and protecting him from wierd Ikea guy!)

With Angie to babysit, Marian and Jon spent an evening at a club.

After Marian had left - she had to go to work at the Fire Station in the morning - a zombie appeared from the Ladies', who seemed to want to dance with him. He suddenly decided he had had enough dancing and ran all the way home!