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Angie alone

Angie decided to get a little "Granny flat" and spend some time alone - also, she hoped to babysit for all her grandchildren, which she thought would be easier if she lived by herself.

She had a wonderful view from her seafront apartment.

It was right at the beach, and she redecorated it and loved it, spending a lot of her days snoozing in the sun, her nights fishing. When she wasn't babysitting, which was becoming more frequent. But the apartment was so quiet. She was used to living with the family, toddlers everywhere.

Out shopping, she noticed the new uniforms at IKEA, which the staff told her were courtesy of MATY*.

But Jon and Marian were having difficulty getting time alone. Jonty Jim was very bright and slept very little, but happy to keep himself occupied a lot of the time. She took to taking the little one with her to meet Jon in the park, where he was busking for lack of magician gigs.

"Marian, we have got to do something about babysitting. You know my Mum says she will babysit for us, happily."

"I suppose so. I'm beginning to feel like a stalker, following you to the park."

Angie was in fact delighted to lock up her apartment and stay with them to help look after Jonty Jim so that his parents could concentrate on their careers.

And to return to one of the passions of this family - jammin'!

Genie took her boys to visit La Sagrada Familia. They couldn't get over all the candles!

"We've got you surrounded, Uncle Lemuel! Come and look at these candles!"

One warm summer evening, Marian went to a party at Lemuel's houseboat, and met Genie there. "I've been too busy working."

"But it's paid off, you're a - what's it called?"

"A Hose Handler - no, don't laugh!"

"Great name! That must have been a man that invented that job title."

"It mostly means maintaining the fire engines. But that's OK."

"I can see why you and Angie get on so well, you both like fixing things."

* There is an AM glitch at present which messes up NPCs' work uniforms, usually replacing them with something bizarre.