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Barcelona 3: Pertwees

An exterior view of Morten's house, and some illuminated parts of the town.

(Monica and Sean, of course, are long gone. I just put them in the family tree for completeness. Apologies for the quality of the family tree, as my game simply does not do them this detailed. I had to reconstruct this one from four separate ones.)

They all got together at Morten's house as soon as the builders were finished, though Marian was working, she never took Jonty out anywhere because she was unhappy about his skin colour - and Portia said she had to drop Frances off at her babyminders and attend a political rally.

"But we must do this more often," she smiled sweetly.

"So I'm the only sister-in-law? Oh well. I'll make up for them."

Angie was getting quite old and frail now. She was in fact VERY old indeed. Now 926, she felt a lot older. "Maybe it's because we've moved around so much."

Louise is quite bright and says she wants to be a builder.

Little William looks sweet but isn't talking yet.

The twins, Bryan and Cyrus never stop, here they are discussing new umbrellas.

Angie did enjoy having her children and grandchildren around her.

No clerks at IKEA? No problem. This family bring their own fun.

Morten had an odd opportunity. With this, the sale of a few sculptures and some cut Soulpeaces, all the roof work was paid for.

Angie set off for a few days' holiday with Lemuel on his boat. She used the time to fix up his appliances, and upgrade his engine.

Trying not to smile as the pretty paparrazza chatted Lemuel up in the hopes of a good story.

Late night supper on the dock, and no stories to read, no bottles - quiet.

They had fun exploring the bay.

Swimming and snorkeling, though the water was colder than it looks!


Angie was almost late for her appointment at the school to teach the children about juggling..

Lemuel took on a little work doing Sing-A-Grams.

And finally they went to visit Marian. Jon wasn't in that day, but she was fond of Lemuel, and Angie and she got on tolerably well.

Sending text to Genie: "Their garden is a terrible mess."

Jonty Jim charmed her, of course. "Now why doesn't Mommy take you anywhere? You are SO beautiful!"

"It's all so - yellow!"


Sita March 28, 2015