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The Pertwee Boys

Now that the twins had finished school, and their holiday in the Sunken City was over, Jon thought he should discuss with them what they wanted to do career-wise.

"No idea" they said simultaneously. "But there's no rush, we have loadsamoney." "Mom left us very well off, we don't have to work at all if we don't want to." "And you're a famous magician already, you can provide for us!"

"But isn't this weather amazing?"

Their house. Jon built on a small gymnasium beside the swimming pool, with a basement area for gem-cutting, away from the house to keep noise down.

Keeping up with music practice.

This being their first official day of post-School freedom in Sanctuary, that the boys would go fishing, while Jon called at the Coffeehouse to see if he could arrange a gig, and then they planned to meet afterwards.

The twins headed for a very nice fish-farm, called Catch of the Day, close to the coast.

Shemuel caught a magic dust, and Lemuel a jellyfish.

"I'm going to buy you a lovely big tank", Lemuel sang to his jellyfish, "And feed you every day."

Shemuel decided he wanted to be a painter.

Jon, feeling the need of feminine company, married their maid, Marian. Who does NOT have green hair, but the lamp on that porch is green. Or maybe it's the light from the purple sky?

Lemuel got engaged to Portia Gloop, but soon broke up with her. Shemuel, however, was smitten. Which could be an issue.

Jon and Marian moved out, and left the big house to the boys. They bought a house called Barrichello.

One night Jon saw some pretty lights... his memory of what happened after that was rather hazy.

Jon now had a regular gig every Thursday evening, which started at 8 and went on till 11. Meanwhile, he finally got his degree, in Communications, and the Avant Garde trait.

Coming back inside his house one night after a successful show, he disturbed a burglar.

The burglar fought and beat the police officer, who then turned to flirt with Marian, while Jon tried to delay said burglar with tricks. Of course, he ran away.

Jon bought out the Flying V and renamed it to Marvellous Moses' Coffeehouse, as it was the first place that had given him a real break.

However, when he turned up at the Coffeehouse for his regular gig one week, the proprietor told him "And no, there is no maternity pay, but Health and Safety don't allow you to perform like that...."

"But but - I am not sticking swords in myself! I stick swords in THEM!"

"Sorry, but Rulez is Rulez."

"I have put some weight on," he thought afterwards, looking at his pictures. "Need to cut down on the sushi."


The purple skies come with the world - I found them too dark so put in a different, brighter sky mod, by BrrntWaffles, but they were beautiful. That must just have been some stormy weather...

The Pertwee's house came with the world, made by SimSample, and is very little changed.