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The Abbé's House

L'Abbé Céder and Luca Lombardi, his adopted son, needed a new home.

The new house. Building regulations meant that although a new build, it had to match surrounding buildings in style and fitments.

Abbes are allowed a wee bit of eccentricity. "So, I collect in my jammies? Most comfortable thing I have to wear!"

Dormant fireflies notwithstanding, the Abbé loves fine furniture. In a spartan kind of way.

The balcony is a nice place for meditation, or just to sit and enjoy the cool evening breeze.

Luca's room, also Spartan, and the balcony; each floor is accessed through the room below, and he has a ladder to the roof.

A glorious place to paint the bay, play dominoes or just chill.

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