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See this advert for Woohooium. Accuracy not guaranteed!

It can be obtained by mining, sculpting, digging through trash (in France?), at the consignment store, exploring catacomb and using the karate chopping board.

Although little is known about it at the moment, it is rumoured that taking a WooHooium ingot and putting it on either side of a double bed that no WooHoo will ever be rejected. Little hearts appear from the ingots when the WooHoo is in progress. Hyprekia is going to test this out.

This metal looks different from other metals; WooHooium has a heart on it in the space (on the ingot itself) where most metals in The Sims 3 have a PlumbBob.

This metal is generally worth more than Palladium and when smelted will be worth around $1200 Simoleons. It is found mainly by breaking stone sculptures, although this option is unavailable to Sims with the Savvy Sculptor trait. Woohooium may also be found by rummaging through trash, using the Miner, and when traveling with World Adventures as a reward for tomb exploration or at a relic vendor.

The Woohooium will spew hearts when Sims nearby perform WooHoo, so it's a nice decoration for the night stand in the bedroom. It's unclear as to whether the metal gives any bonuses.