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In the inventory (either as ore or cut) AND possibly if it is stored near the Sim - eg near their bed - it will give a negative nauseous (radiation poisoning) moodlet (-25 mood) because it's a radioactive energy source. But while it may make your Sim feel bad while it is in their inventory, and can make them feel bad without showing the moodlet for longer, it cannot kill them. 

Ways of Getting tiberium

Tiberium in all forms has a green glow and will make a soft "ping" sound if placed on a lot.

Tiberium can be cut into 2 different forms:

Spire Cut and Heart-Shaped Cut

Spire Cut: Available even when your Sim has very little experience of gem cutting. This is used for Tiberium and makes a gem worth about 70x the value of the base. This seems ridiculous when tiberium costs $6,500 to cut but the value will increase yet again when the gem grows. So, a tiberium with a value of $100 would be made to cost roughly $7000 then jump up to $35000 after growth.

If your Sim has a Gem Cutting Machine, it is very well worth her cutting this herself. Cutting a gem on the Gem Cutting Machine produces, as well as the cut gem, a little pile of Gem Dust. Sometimes more than one pile of Gem Dust! In this case it's Tiberium dust, and if you put that on the ground or on a shelf somewhere, it will start to "ping" just as the tiberium gem does, throwing radiation off it. Leave it there a few Sim days and it will grow into a full-sized Spire Cut Tiberium. No other gem dust will grow into a gem in this way.


TitaI had been carrying around two raw tiberiums in her pocket, which had, oddly, NEVER given her side-effects - eventually she cut them into small spire-cut gems, and they immediately started to ping. She also got 3 piles of tiberium dust from the two gems. So put them on the bench to see if anything further would happen to them.

One spire grew overnight from dust into Large Spire Cut.

And after a few more days, they had ALL grown into Large Spire Cuts.

Another interesting thing to do with Tiberium is to use it to produce Spire Cut Gems of other types.

This layout, BUT save each time before Activating. It usually produces one Spire Cut Tiberium, but also made a Large Sculptor's Egg Tiberium.

And after trying for a very long time, Durga made a Spire Cut Soulpeace. Its value as shown in inventory is 313,260 and I suspect would sell for much more at the Consignment Store.

3 Tiberiums, 1 Moon Cut Large Soulpeace.

2 Large Sculptor's Egg Soulpeaces, 1 Brilliant Cut Large Soulpeace, 1 Crystal Ball Cut Large Soulpeace.

Tita made a Skull Cut Soulpeace. It's inventory value is §36,930. The Soulpeace has the advantage of looking more like bone!


No matter what the cut is, Tiberium will usually grow into a Large Spire Cut within a day, giving it a value of §40,000, or even higher in some cases. Raw, uncut tiberium, placed on the ground, CAN grow on its own without anything special being done to it if it has seen some travel time. But the tiberium obtained from breaking space rock blocks at home doesn't seem to grow on its own. 


Not a real (RL) mineral. Tiberium is present in the (Westwood Studios, now owned by EA) Command and Conquer games series as a fictional substance that is central to much of the plot of the story.


There is a myth among Simmers that an opportunity to take in a Tiberium to the Science Lab, assuming your Sim is in the top level of this career, will net your Sim many thousands of simoleans. My Sim Tita Lights got the opportunity, generated a tiberium on the bench, and then took it to work. She got this result:

Bear in mind that as a Mad Scientist, she now receives §653 an hour.

If she had let it grow to full size, and then sold it, it would have been worth about §40,000. So it IS a myth, trap, Easter Egg, whatever you want to call it - yes, significant amount but not worth it. Better, moneywise, to grow it, sell it at the consignment store, and retire! Unless you put a lot of value on increased career performance - and remember, this Sim has to already be at the top of the career tree to even GET this opportunity.

Sita November 16, 2020