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Collect in home world or WA worlds, buy at Consignment Store or Relic Stores.

Cut or send away to have them cut before transmogrification.

DO sell gems at the Consignment Store to make WAY more out of them than selling through the interface. Takes a day or two longer.

Recipes that work with ALL EPs and SPs

To show the different sizes: on the left a Yellow Sapphire Large Sculptor's Egg, on the other bench are 8 Jade Sculptor's Eggs.

TitaI Lights' family have a large collection of Large Sculptor's Eggs, since Surga took up sculpting.


BAD Recipes

Durga's collection of green and blue Large Sculptor's Eggs. On the left display is glowy Tiberium, Jade, Luminorious and Emerald.

On the right display is glowy Moonstone, Blue Topaz, Tanzanite and Lapis Lazuli.

Each of thes apart from the Tiberium is made by putting 8 Sculptor's Egg Cut gems of the same type on the large Carter's Bench.

It is now possible (since University Life) to create small size skull cut gems.

A Sim with high Science skill can Analyze and Clone with a Science Machine the sample from a large cut skull and a small skull is created worth approx 50% of the large skull's value.

Introduced with Supernatural

Sita September 13, 2015