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Mineral Ores

Metals and other Minerals are found in ore form, and may be sold raw or smelted into ingots for 40.

Smelted ingots are worth 175% of their original cost, and so the raw metal must be worth 54 to offset the 40 cost of smelting and break even relative to selling the ore alone. But smelting also provides the chance that the foundry will return an ore, saying that it is actually a Mysterious Mr. Gnome in disguise, worth 1000, as well as the chance of duplicating the smelted bars if the sim has completed the Metal Collector challenge. This is a gamble that may make it worth smelting ores that are less than 54.

Raw Ingot Metal Rarity Weight Raw Value Ingot Value EP Where?
Carbon Steel 100-1095 120-300 210-525 Late Night according to Simsfan Base neighborhood
Compendium Extraordinarily Unusual 1100-5500

If made on Transfiguration bench, is worth 25% more than the worth of the 8 metals used

May also be found


'25% more than the worth of the 8 metals used' World Adventures

Buydebug Metal Spawner

Transfiguration requirements-2-4 different metals.

Copper Common 1-52 15-31 26-54 World Adventures


Iridium Uncommon 1-11 75-155 131-271 World Adventures France
Iron Common 1-52 7-20 12-35 Sims 3 Base neighborhood
Gold Uncommon 1-52 40-120 70-210 Sims 3 Base neighborhood
Mercury Uncommon 1-52 100-400 175-700 World Adventures Once smelted, Mercury will always be returned as a liquid in a vial (On rare cases it will be returned as an Ingot possibly with the skill challenge Metal Collector). Solid Mercury can be obtained through Transfiguration

8 vials of liquid mercury on transfiguration produce 1 solid Large Mercury Ingot.

Mummitomium Very Rare 150-450 750-1200 1312-2100 World Adventures Two chunks are needed for a WA quest.


Durga dug some up with the miner in Champs les Sims at Base Camp.

Palladium Rare 80-300 300-500 525-875 Sims 3 Base neighborhood
    Platinum Uncommon 1-52 250-336 437-588 World Adventures China
Plutonium Extraordinarily Unusual 0.1-5 1000-1800 1750-3150 Sims 3 Base neighborhood
Silver Common 1-52 25-35 44-61 Sims 3 Base neighborhood
Supernovium Extraordinarily Unusual 35000-55000 3500-5500


World Adventures  

Buydebug Metal Spawner/Transfiguration

Transfiguration Requirements - Over 5 different metals.

  Tiberium Rare          
Titanium Rare 75-105 450-700 787-1225 World Adventures France
Tungsten Carbide 100-1095 35-70 61-123 Late Night according to Simsfan
Woohooium Extraordinarily Unusual 1-52 500-750 875-1313 Ambitions When sculpting stone, it can shatter to reveal Woohooium (or the Flourite Palmstone gem). Also possibly by  Transfiguration. Sculptor's Workbench (Ambitions), Consignment store (Ambitions), Relic Shops (World Adventures), garbage cans in France (World Adventures)



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