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Working Recipes for Mineral Wealth

tested with ALL EPs and SPs - using the XL Carter's Stand

Supernovium and a large stack of iron

Put a platinum ingot up and a mercury vial on top (worth at least $500), a gold, a silver, a copper and 4 iron ingots.


Supernovium is produced when a Sim places more more than 5 different metals on the display. Add higher weight, higher value metals to the display to produce a better Supernovium. It will generally come out higher in value.

DO NOT add Supernovium to Compendium to produce Supernovium as it seems to reach a peak value of just below $10,000 using this method.


8 metal (need more than 1 type, but less than 5 or you'll get supernovium) ingots in the xl case produces an ingot of compendium. Compendium's value is uncapped, and is equal to the sum of the values of the metals used + 25%.
You can use a compendium to increase its value.

If a sim can provide a constant influx of metal ingots, it can make a super compendium ingot worth (current compendium + value of picked up metals) * 1.25 per transfigurification. This ingot's value will grow exponentially; even with very low value metals and making only one compendium per day, you can max the game's money limit within 30 sim days; with half-decent ingots, it can be reached within 2-3 sim weeks.

Supernovium and Plutonium

Put 4 iron ingots along the bottom of the case. Put one platinum ingot on the top left, topped with one mercury vial. In the other top positions put one each of titanium, palladium and gold. (Also works when the positions of palladium and titanium are reversed, or when gold and titanium are switched.)

If the top row is Gold with Mercury, then palladium, titanium and platinum, there is no plutonium produced, but more iron.

This should give you a supernovium ingot, a few iron ingots and a plutonium ingot.

Large Supernovium ingot

On bench 8 supernovium ingots, the highest priced one topped by a plutonium ingot.


Total value input 67,577.

Gave Large Supernovium, 63,301

Large Irons total value 746

Large Compendium 13,308

Total Produced 77355

So about 10K more than input.

Large Mercury Ingot

8 Mercury Phials

Large ANYTHING Ingot (Minerals)

Fill it with identical Ingots

Large Supernovium Ingot

Fill it with Supernovium Ingots


Mummitomium Recipe

Platinum with Mercury on top Mercury Palladium Silver
Platinum Mercury Iridium Silver


Total cost: 9405 - there are quite some valuable ingots here.


Total Value 9853

So the value is not much increased. But if you are desperate for a Mummitomium, for example for a quest, it's a useful recipe.

Sell gems and minerals at the Elixir Consignment Store to make WAY more out of them than selling through the interface. Takes a day or two longer.

Notice the mark-up? and the fee is ridiculously small, and shrinks eventually to §1 as Consignment Skill increases.

The star-cut will only be enabled after installing patch 26 or The Sims 3: Pets, otherwise it will be hidden from normal gameplay and cannot be produced by players but they can be found in tombs.

More recipes to try

If you place 9 of the same metal(by stacking), sometimes you get 2 large ingots, not just one. Sometimes you get 1 and an Iron.

So using 9 Iridium ranging 227-257 in price. I get not two but THREE large ingots. Iridium - 840. Copper - 124.


22 platinum ingots gave a large platinum ingot (Worth a whopping 6K!) and a palladium ingot. Got about 3.5K from that transformation.

The smaller version of the Transfigurification Bench can also merge stuff, and 'creates' other things when Activated.

For Example - I put copper bars on it and it turned them into a Large Copper Bar. I guess the benefit to using the small case is that with ten slots you can get your total values higher, useful for obtaining some of the items. With the large case, conversely, you need fewer inputs which could give you a bigger profit margin on some things (large single-metal bars or skull cuts, for instance).

7 large spire tiberium and 1 soulpeace gave a large spire tiberium and a gnome.

An oval shaped luminorius gem also works, and actually gives a profit. So does heart-shaped tiberium.

It's best if the tiberium is a normal spire cut and the soulpeace is heart cut, and even then it takes a couple of tries. SAVE before trying. (Polished split cut tiberium took forever to make)

7 random emerald cut gems (though 3 were amethyst) and a large spire cut tiberium.

8 different types of gems seems to produce a soul stone consistently.

Breaking boards is definitely the most profitable way of collecting gems - you can get Soulpeace as well as all the other gems. In two days my sims got two Tiberium, three Pink Diamond, three Luminorious, a Soulpeace, and various other nice and not so nice stuff too, just from breaking Space Rock Blocks.

1 Heart-cut shaped Luminous gem+ 3 heart cut shaped Rainbow gem + 4 Large spire cut tiberium = Large spire cut Rainbow gem worth 80K

Using 7 rainbow gems and a tiberium that are like the above also produce A large sprite but Rainbow gem, but worth 70K. Second time doing this resultedin one worth 90,666$!

I just got a large spire cut rainbow gem with this combination:

5 Spire cut Tiberium
Oval Cut Emerald
Emerald Cut Tanzanite
Pear Cut Rainbow Gem - save before you do the transfiguration, and go back to the main menu without saving to try again (if you get something you don't like).

Or a spire cut septarian nodule (worth 112k!), which looks so cool.

Though in general Four Large Spire cut tiberium + 4 heart cuts of the gem (sometimes for the higher up gems a brilliant cut will work) a lot of times produces a Large Spire cut of the gem. Also, when combining metals, whatever is in the top left matters, so for example if it's compendium, usually the result is compendium

Large spire cut soulpeace
1: Spire cut tiberium (not large, regular spire cut)
2-8: Emerald cut soulpeace

Large spire cut pink diamond
1: Emerald cut pink diamond
2: Large spire cut tiberium
3-8: Emerald cut pink diamond

Large spire cut septarian nodule
1: Polished split cut septarian nodule
2: Large spire cut tiberium
3-8: Polished split cut septarian nodule

GEM SKULLS: I have to have a plumbob cut gem in the mix in order to get a gem skull. Having a plumbob cut gem does not guarantee a gem skull but NOT having a plumbob cut gem in the mix guarantees that I will not get a gem skull. I have gotten a Gem skull using a plumbob cut with an oval cut and the other six gems emerald cut.

SOULPIECE: If I combine a variety of at least 5-6 different gems I will get a soulpiece. The cut of the gems doesn't matter just that I have a variety of gems. A profitable use of lesser gems like quartz, emerald, ruby, ect., which I get emerald cut to keep down costs.

SUPERNOVIUM: If I combine 2 iron ingots, 2 silver ingots, 2 gold ingots, 1 palladian ingot and 1 platinum ingot I will ALWAYS get a Supernovium ingot worth approx $8,000. That is a very tidy profit even after smelting costs, metal values, and activation fees are considered.

8 different metals (including mercury) on the large display, then whatever metal is in the upper left hand corner I will stack a second bar of the same type. So far I have always gotten a supernovium and sometimes I will even get that plus an extra bar or two of some other metal, like irridium (sp?). I have tried this stacking at least 3-4 different types of metals in the upper left corner and so far it has worked every time. I estimate I have done this about 10 times so far, although most of the time I stacked plutonium in the upper left because that is the metal I had the most of, other than silver.

The gnomes are worth about a $1,000 each. Your sims could sell them, but they won't be accepted by the bench for transmogrification.
2 spire cut tiberium, 4 heart cut pink diamonds, 1 heart cut rainbow, and 1 heart cut luminous gem made spire cut pink diamond worth 202,929 simoleans

Here's a trick. In China (WA) there is an adventure where you need to find three pieces of platinum. When you get this adventure, your map screen will show all locations where platinum can be found. The same areas which spawn platinum also spawn plutonium.

In the military career, there is an opportunity to collect mummitomium. Same idea. The areas which spawn mumitomium also spawn other valuable metals.

Large bench with 8 separate Gem Dusts of Soulpeace? 1 Large pile of Soulpeace Gem Dust.

Pear cut Blue Topaz and Emerald, rest is Gem Dusts? Large pile of Moonstone Gem Dust.

Star cut Moonstone, Pear Cut Emerald, various gem dusts (not all the same) gives Soulpeace.



By the way, 8 of the same petrified fruit = A seed of that fruit.


Sita November 21, 2020