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Cheats introduced with University

Rezone Lot

changeLotZoning [residential | community | greek | dorm | secretsociety]
Changes the zoning type of the lot. Before rezoning a lot using this cheat, make sure there are no Sims currently living in the lot. To use this cheat, enter the lot that you would like to rezone, enter the cheat, choosing one of these zoning options.

Save and exit to Neighbourhood screen.

If you chose Residential, it now shows up as Residential.

To make it work properly, download and install the collection from Sim A Little Dream A Lot, which gives you a buyable mailbox and trashcan; these are VITAL to make the building actually playable.

Restart your game. Enter the lot in Build mode again. Use the moveobjects on cheat to delete the community lot phone. Find the SEDD collection (the icon is a trashcan) and install a new residential mailbox and trashcan.

Save the lot and exit.

Now a family can buy the lot and move in. The explanation is that there is no residential Live Mode without the mailbox.


boolProp dormSpecificToolsDisabled false
Enables build/buy mode tools that would normally be disabled when in a dorm lot. Another less commonly known feature of this cheat is you can enter buy mode when visiting a community lot although anything you buy will not remain on the lot after you leave. 

TV volume

floatProp tvVolume 0.5 the 0.5 reduces TV volume, 1.0 to raise it.

Unplayable Sims on Campus

To capture a Dormie and make her into a playable Sim, you can Find Own Place/Move Out one of your playable Sims from the Dorm; choose the significant other to move out with you, then move into either the same lot or another house.

Alternatively move the playable into a private (rented) house on campus and ask the love interest to move in.

It's unwise to do this with a Cheerleader or Mascot - they tend to have some serious mental health issues and to revert to annoying Cheerleader or Mascot behaviour throughout their lives.