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Turn the cheat box on and then type in the cheat codes shown here in red.

Seasons Expansion Cheats:

(One of the very few cheats I have in my UserStartup.cheat file)

Did you know

They changed the sky after Seasons. The moon and sun, comets and shooting stars are all gone.

Raising Skills/Badges faster

Seasons is required for this.

Grow a bunch of mouthwatering oranges and lemons and stock them in the juicer. 4 oranges and 2 lemons will let you make "orangeade" and when you drink it, it will boost skill in a random area.

The fruit *must* be mouthwatering, so get a ladybug loft and trim your trees as soon as they get overgrown. If that doesn't get the trees to thriving, a sim with a gold gardening badge can talk to the trees.

Permanent autumn weather will also help with ALL skilling.

Your trees will never go dormant, and your sims will build their badges faster.

If you set it to permanent autumn in university, you'll have the added benefit that your sims won't need to write a term paper if they attend all their classes, or they won't need to go to class if they write a term paper and do a couple of assignments.