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Umaymanourbese Custerolopoli and Bastis

Life is pretty dull for Mummies. Catching roaches for amusement can be dull.

Meeting other Sims is also problematic.

"No, this is not fancy dress."

"I'm Egyptian."

"No, not a zombie either."

"Not even a ghost."

"Oh, all right. A mummy is a deceased creature whose skin and organs have been preserved by intentional exposure to certain chemicals, very low humidity, and lack of air, so that the recovered body does not decay further if kept in cool and dry conditions. So technically, yes, dead, ghost, zombie."

"And I HATE the rain. It makes my dressings all wet and squelchy."

"Living in the swamps ain't good either."

Found an umbrella in the Subway! YAY!

Bastis got a blowfish stuck in her throat - you might see why. 23 Kilos!

A Mummy brushing you is almost the same as a bath.

Trying to catch butterflies.

Squishing them.

"Curses! Foiled again!"

Invited to a party!

Pes' house looked as if it was in the desert. But it was the rainy season.

Takahashi is one of her neighbours and was quite embarassingly rude.

This party guest just couldn't cope.

But Junior was fascinated.

"I do so miss the desert."

She redecorated her trailer to make it feel more homely.

There's a nice cushion for Bastis to sleep on, and Pes gave her the old sarcophagus he had used to summon her. No cooker! She was too worried about fires, and she was happy with salads. A few books and of course she doesn't need a wardrobe. Or a bathroom.