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More Umay

Finally she lost it, fed up with the discrimination and the sheer rudeness of other Sims toward her.

"You think I look odd? You people! I'm fed up of your intolerance. Take a look in a mirror sometime!"

Umay hated the wet weather of Sanctuary, the city where she had been called back into being by Pescado, and the swamps, where she had lived in her little trailer. So she moved. Somewhere dry!

To Lunar Lakes. DRY! HOT! With MINES! (The umbrella had become such a habit by now, it took a while to break.)

The mine itself was wonderful, but had been picked pretty clean. She didn't find much there but iron, except for an inscription:

We Come in Peace!

After a crash landing which left us stranded while in search of a new planet to colonize, our ancestors harnessed the native crystals to build a sustainable habitat. Our domes are an engineering marvel for those who love to bask in the glow of the warm sun. Not much of a ground dweller? Fear not! We’ve got you covered with our extensive underground networks.

As the leader of the Lunar Lake colonists and descendant of founder Anthony Cross, I extend my invitation for you to join our buzzing community. We know you’ll love it here. And if you don’t – you’d better. Once you arrive, there’s no turning back!

-- Patricia Cross, Mayor of Lunar Lakes

Umay took her little trailer with her, as it was so comfortable, and soon found a pleasant site, overlooking a large lake where she hoped she could fish.

She asked about going to the Future but it seemed Mummies were not welcome there. At least, she was told, they could get to the Future but couldn't get back. And she couldn't take her cat. But compared to Sanctuary's swamps, Lunar Lakes felt pretty futuristic to her.

She donated/sold some insects to the Science facility and got §4,824.

And then she went for a trip to Egypt.


Walk like an Egyptian! Getting fitter now, she didn't have to shamble along any more.

She was able to get her hair done properly at last, beads and all, and felt much better for the holiday.

Once back, the alchemist's shop assistant had the nerve to criticise her new hairdo! He, and his shop, do seem very old-fashioned for the town though.

Went to visit the Mausoleum, met an interesting ghost, Linksa Dot.

"Oh that's terrible. Mummies do feel hunger too, I don't understand how we do, as they put my stomach in a jar... but hunger is a BIG issue. What an awful way to go. I am so sorry!"

Found cute pygmy hedghog!

Keeping busy, each in her own way.

Adopted a new cat, hoping he would be friends for Bastis, who was getting lonely while Umay went off on her collecting trips.

Credits and Notes

Shimrod's Do the Locomotion Mod (registration required) which fixes Mummy's walk, makes a HUGE difference to gameplay and I hope may also fix the issue Umay had going into the Future. (She couldn't get back into the Time machine to go home, might be an animation issue as she had a similar problem with a shower.)

"A lot of people also were peeved to find that you can't, as the marketing material says, "explore the Crystal Mine and discover rare rocks and gems." The Crystal Mine exists as a regular community park lot, but there's nothing to really explore. Just outside the Crystal Mine are a lot of gem spawners, but when I visited, I collected nothing unusually rare. But we should all know by now that the marketing department often writes checks that the developers can't cash!" -

Extensive underground networks?