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Encounters in Manu Valley

The sea at the West, Laughing Parrot Beach in front and further back are the two large houses, Ladeez on the left with a green front, and Gents on the right.

Elvis on the beach. In the snow. "Couldn't sleep. It's a nice night."


"Yep, does that a lot. It's winter."

"What are you doing?"

"Zane was practicing the drums at home."

Back home, all was (relatively) peaceful. "He's gone to bed. And Michel's at Buddy's, not that he's ever noisy."

Next week, Anne Foucault, Michel's ex, turned up, looking for a place to stay.*

"Well, this is an all-male boarding house - but you could stay with me?"

"I suppose so. Just until I find a place of my own."

"I'll sleep on the couch. You can have the bedroom. But we need to be careful the guys don't find out."

"Do you really think they would MIND? Don't fuss, Michel! You always make such a fuss!"

"And you're so over-dramatic."

"She moved out! Such a relief. Not to be expected to DO anything."

Michel had for some reason been bathing in the town fountain.

"You're so WET! Go away."

Buddy Keenan loved to draw and paint, a bit of a rebel, and decorated his tiny house with graffiti and murals. Rode a motorbike, kept his hair slicked back, and got a job at the school - as an art teacher, naturally. The kids loved him.

Elvis Costello moved in next door to Michel Foucault and joined the Fire Service.

Put out a fire on his first day.

At the second fire, at her tearoom, Sidonie Lefure insisted he have a cup of tea once the fire was out.

"This is very nice, Madame Lefure, but I really do have to get back to the fire station."

"Well, you must come and have a cuppa and a cake any time."

Considering how many fires there were there, it was surprising he didn't put weight on.

Ted Trigato owned the beach, and worked there as a LifeGuard. He added a sorely needed toilet.

That would reduce his sand-cleaning duties!

The views were spectacular.

Ted's Winter Swimming Sessions were becoming quite popular, but, as recommended, most didn't stay in the water long.

Something hot to drink and eat afterward was popular. Karen Simme is seen here making drinks, and Joe at the bar with Ted.

But when it started to snow, most got dressed.

Em always had to be different. But anyhow, Ted was pleased he was making money from the beach, even if he hadn't saved any Sims yet.

The DIRECTOR household moved in. (Darwin Institute for the Rearing and Education of Infants of Troubled ORigin).

Charles took over the Science Dept at the Cottage hospital. Therese Riley was the Matron of DIRECTOR.

Pippsi Longstocking joined them. So they extended the cottage, which wasn't really big enough anyway. However, as most of the family were out most of the time, space wasn't a problem.

The MARX family moved in. "Get off the table, cat!"

"Do I really have to wear this so-silly getup for work?"

"Well you are a fortune teller..."

"Only temporarily, I assure you!"

The Incident at the Festival

Therese Riley, a very proper Sim, went to the Festival and suddenly Bake Hamster was all over her.

"Wh.... mmmf."

"How dare you? Do I even KNOW you?"

"What, you aren't a kissing booth?" he grinned, sure his carefully researched pickup line would work.

"Yes, I did slap him. He deserved it."

"He's a disgusting - he just came up to me and kissed me. I don't know him, I've no idea why."

To everyone else who would listen.

Ted Trigato, the lifeguard, was fit, she thought surely he would stand up for her.

"Haven't you got any police in this town?"

"Actually, no."

"You were giving me the eye. And that short pink skirt just shows you're easy. Anyway! I was told this was an unbeatable pick-up line."

"How DARE you? What I wear has... Words fail me. Did you hear what he just called me?"

Ted gave up. "Fine, you want to fight, then fight."

"Leave them to it. They'll sort it out," was Gunther's advice.

She did.

"And don't you EVER judge a woman by her clothes! Or kiss ANYONE uninvited!"

The message fell on deaf ears. He was thinking what a splendid new girlfriend she was, wondering whether she was wealthy. "She even got physical with me!"

"You totally missed the point."

"She does have great legs. It was a good pickup line."

"I hope she hits you harder next time."

The Ladeez House

Anne Foucault moved into the large Ladeez house. It's a big old town house, with loads of space.

"Well, here live already two cats, and some humans. We each have our own room. Well, that sort of doesn't include the cats. Sheba shares her room with Bruiser." Em was introducing her around. "The only male in the house is our male Manx, Bruiser, and his mate Sheba, who keeps him under control, though he does like to get into fights when the moon is up.

"Mambo Loa is a GhostBuster! I'm a Test Subject. Haven't really found out what that means yet, working for a Doctor Darwin. Oh, and Karen here is a reporter."

"I've got a job, to start soon, as a Coffee Courier. I make good coffee, so I should do all right!" smiled Anne. "But - I need to take a little time off, I've had a very upset stomach lately."

Mambo looked at Em, Em looked at Karen, and they all burst out giggling.

Em said "Mambo's our Mum, sort of. She looks after us all! And Karen is the one who always knows what to do. Also, she's the best of us at cooking."

"And Em's great, but she has to go to hospital at times and be admitted for instability. Anne dear, I know why your tummy's upset. You're pregnant."

"Do you want to keep your baby here? We do have an orphanage in town, the DIRECTOR. Nice people, I believe."

"I want to keep her with me here, if you ladies don't mind? I can't afford a place of my own yet."

"Fine! What about her father, your ex-husband? Will he give you any Child Support?"

"I haven't told him yet. Haven't seen him for quite a while."

"Darling, he only lives across the road..."

"I've been avoiding him."

"Ahh. Well, that's what friends are for. Let me see what I can do." Mambo and Karen went off to drink coffee and plot.

Anne had a baby, little Nancy.

And they all helped look after her of course. Some days Anne hardly saw the child!

"The cats are getting very snuggly. We might have some kittens on the way too."


Michel Foucault is by Trystiane here

Karl Marx is also by Trystiane here.

Karen Simme is Trystiane's Self-Sim and is here.

Elvis Costello is by Jenba here (as Mortinez).

Sidonie Lefure and her house and family, and Ted Trigato and the Laughing Parrot beach are by Picasso.


* [Game glitch - the game moved in a second copy of them to the town.] Anne and Michel had been married for two weeks, a few months ago. While he is still fond of her, they are so different that it is never going to work. Unfortunately, or maybe not, they spent a few nights together at the Gents' boarding house.