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It was time for the Prom. Therese managed to get them to sit outside so she could take a family photograph.

But all was not well at DIRECTOR.

Background: Chaz and Jezreel were born to different fathers (mothers?), but are both alien in origin. They were born the same day as one another and have grown up as virtual twins. While Jezreel is Jezzer's daughter, Chaz is Charles' son. But Charles was unable to come to terms with being a father, and could never admit that Chaz is his son. So he established DIRECTOR, the Darwin Institute for the Rearing and Education of Infants of Troubled ORigin. Pippsi had joined them later, in Manu Valley.

Jezreel disliked Chaz' best friend in Manu Valley, Giovanni Gotti. He seemed to be a bad influence, and always seemed to want to flirt with her.

Chew Hamster had been following Pippsi around for weeks.

Therese and Charles Darwin, nominal leader of the Institute, were only barely getting along. She had a hot temper which increasingly annoyed him.

Eventually the whole Institute relocated to Acadia as Charles was offered a very good job there. It was a good way to escape unwanted attentions!

Pippsi left school. Therese retired and bought herself a little house in the suburbs, close, but not too close, and wondered about getting a cat.

Pippsi wanted to be an astronaut, and was very fit. So first thing, she would apply to the Military. It was only a very small base here in Acadia.

To be continued