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The Craigs

More from the fairy and his family.

Barmen learned to avoid the scarey dame in the mask.

And she continued to try to cast, but even fairies have some defences.

Dewayne grew into a child with the Insane trait, kind of fitting as his father had been Zombie Jezzer.

She worked. She worked very hard and very long hours. She grew so angry that even the ground annoyed her.

"You make my feet hurt!"

Her way home from work took her across the lines.

And she actually fell asleep there.

"Mmmm ground hard, rails bony. Sleeep."

"No not sleep here. Up! Home!"

"Broom. Home. Sleep."

But was incredibly hungry when she woke up.

"Too far to walk to the kitchen. Have apple in pocket. Eat apple. Pink apple? Poisoned? One of the ones I made for him. Won't affect me surely, I'm witch."


"King of Hades I see."

"Where's Hades?"

"Where your Mum is going."

Jezzer took the boys to see her off at the cemetery.

Then he went on to the Alchemy store and bought a Fountain of Youth Elixir! WOOO.

"I am invincible!"

Quality time with Dewayne, who still felt more like a little brother than a son.

He got a makeover, grew his hair a bit and a tache. No regrets. A second chance. He was going to enjoy this! He got online to look for interesting partners. And then he noticed advertising for the University. He had never been to Uni. (Not in this life anyhow).

He was ready for something new. He would meet new people at Uni. He had money, and was unattached apart from the cats and the boys, and suddenly felt so much fitter and better!

He could get the agency to look after the boys. He never thought about the work involved.