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The Craigs Return (to Uni)

It took some time, but when Jezzer and Jacob were finally ready, they packed the boys off to Dribbledine Sports Academy, got a sitter for the cats, and he and Jacob went back to Uni to complete their degrees.

Jacob leading a seminar in his final term.

"While Maslow's hierarchy makes sense from an intuitive standpoint, there is little evidence to support its hierarchical aspect. In fact, there is evidence that contradicts the order of needs specified by the model. For example, some Sims appear to place social needs before any others. Maslow's hierarchy also has difficulty explaining cases such as the "starving artist" in which a person neglects lower needs in pursuit of higher ones. Finally, there is little evidence to suggest that Sims are motivated to satisfy only one need level at a time, except in situations where there is a conflict between needs.

Even though Maslow's hierarchy lacks scientific support, it is quite well-known and is the first theory of motivation to which many Sims are exposed. To address some of the issues of Maslow's theory, Clayton Alderfer developed the ERG theory, a needs-based model that is more consistent with empirical findings."1

At Uni, they had a lovely house, and installed Jezzer's hot tub. It was cold there at Alborg University, and snowed a lot of the time they were there.

Well, that's the last exam. Now we just have to wait for results.

I can wait.

Finally both graduated. With help from Jacob, Jezzer actually did well. Now at last he could leave his job as Epitaph Writer and look for something better!

Congratulations, Jacob. Now what do you wanna do?

O. K.

And so ends our heroes' foray into the bright world of Academe. Both graduated.

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