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Sunrise Retirement Centre

A very luxurious home for your later days.

First to move in were Holden Wozny and Gwen Glover. Then Ernest Dougherty.

Oona Klostermann and Dave Gant, her lover, moved in and Oona took her rightful place ruling the roost. She had liked Daves little house but felt that Sunrise would be more fitting for someone of her importance. She disliked the minimal amount of housework and even avoided gardening these days.

Sunrise was very pleasant.

There was plenty of company, but quiet spaces for those who preferred their own company or their computers', musical instruments - and on a fine day they all went outside to the beach, right in front of their home, to fish and play in the warm sea. The butler did the housekeeping and tidying, and flirted enough with Oona to keep her happy.

No, that's not a whale, it's my Dave snorkeling!

Oona caught a sardine and was so excited!

Sunrise Retirement Center is from Mod the Sims 2 by Simsimilian.