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Made by Transmogrification, found in the neighbourhood by a Sim or a dog, bought at Consignment Store or Relic Shop, an uncut Soulpeace gem's description says "The Soulpeace mineral is rumored to mystically cure many curses and spells a Sim may find themselves under."

In spite of this, Soulpeaces do NOT cure anything. But they are pretty and quite valuable.

A Raw Soulpeace produced by Transmogrification.

The Holy Grail of Transmogrifiers. A Soulstone transmogrified into a Large Spire Cut. It's worth more than 300,000. It can't be made by cutting.

This was the layout for the Spire Cut. The layout used here for the Spire Cut was three Tiberium (small spire cut, but actually at the time of successful transmogrification two had ascended into Large; I don't think it makes any difference) and five Moon Cut Large Soulpeaces. Soulpeaces automatically make into Large when cut. I saved and tried, exited until I got the Spire, so this method won't work for a competitive Legacy. On the fourth attempt it made the Spire Cut SoulStone.


Soulpeace cut into a Sculptor's Egg always come out as Large. A soulpeace with this cut is worth around 10K, significantly less than the same stone cut into a Heart.

In fact Soulpeaces cut into ANY shape always come out as Large.

The values of the gems shown above:

Emerald Cut §5,328

Oval Cut §6,025

Pear Cut §6,756

Plumbbob Cut §7,574

Marquis Cut §8,691

Crystal Ball Cut §9,744

Brilliant Cut §13,037

Star Cut §14,712

Moon Cut (not shown) §18,565

and a Heart Cut (not shown) §17,005

Sun Cut (not shown) §19,015 - so Sun Cut is the most valuable.


(I don't think the ruby skull came from the same experiment.)

GOOD Recipe (works with all EPs and SPs)

BAD Recipe


Sita August 2, 2016