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Alvin's House

This house was inspired by, and built for, Alvin, who you can also download from this site.

It's quite large, a house on several floors.

Made with World Adventures, Ambitions, Late Night and some Stuff Packs installed.

From the road it looks large and rather private.

But there is a very tall conservatory or atrium at the rear which overlooks fine views of the garden and the river.

And yes, that is a banyan tree growing in the garden.

There is also a fine, sculpted swimming pool and a large lawned area for children to run about on or the houseproud to mow, which Alvin simply ignores.

The gnome came with the house, I think he is swimming.

On the ground floor, which is not the entrance floor, Alvin's bedroom.

Large and luxurious, a very relaxing room. It's brighter than the pictures here appear, warm and comfortable.

His study, designed to get the minimum of interruptions by being below the main entrance to the house, stuffed full of books and his computer of course.

A large comfortable hallway with space to simply sit and think.

There is a pleasant kitchen with large dining area, plenty of space to make extra accommodation if required.

The atrium itself is the place where he plays chess and watches the world (or the river) go by.

The basement contains a practical and pretty spa room.

There is also a sub-basement which contains a secret laboratory. Alvin installed a secret door here; one can't have the hoi-poloi running in and out of one's lab and interrupting vital experiments.

Or sessions of console games.

Download the house as a Sims3Pack

It costs 157,996 furnished

or 109,267 unfurnished.

March 20, 2017