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Mowbray House

This house is based on a real house not far from where I live. It's quite old, and completely modernised, but sparsely furnished. The only liberty I've taken to Siminise it is that the real house butts straight onto the street and is in a busy little town. This version is further from the road and has a lot more garden.

It has a daylight cellar kitchen, a basement below that for nectar storage, two bedrooms and a bathroom, a large garage for two vehicles with butler's bedsit above. Large gardens with room for much improvement or farming, and a lift to all floors except the very top attic, which has been made into a playroom.


There is a fully fitted modern kitchen.

A seagull's-eye view of the roof...

Made with World Adventures, Ambitions, Late Night, Generations and some Stuff Packs installed. No CC at all.

It costs 181,568 sparsely furnished, would benefit from some TLC.

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March 20, 2017