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Update 6: Love

Chris was still hanging about at the dive bar in town.

Met this fascinating lady. She told him she was a real live Countess.

They talked till dawn. "Foiled again!"

"What did I say?"

But back home, he really was very fond of Jessica. He loved being around her, so long as she didn't talk about what he thought of as his 'peccadilloes'. "A man can't help himself, you know?"

They added a small extension to the house and made a romantic balcony. "I want a hot tub here."

"I think it's perfect just as it is."

"The steam would be good for our coughs."

"Doctor said gentle exercise was good too."

As they were finishing the building work with some decorating, Jessica thought she heard him calling her name.

"Chris?" She ran downstairs.

There in the bathroom was this sad little tableau.

The Grim rumbled. "He wasn't so bad really. Flirted a lot but didn't do much... apart from... ah." He looked down the list. "I'm sure you will miss him. My condolences."

She turned away from the scene in the bathroom, and her own cough took over again.

She held a funeral party at the house. So many Sims came! He seemed to have had friends all over the Uberhood.


"Coral helped with the cooking, bless her. She made more food than even this crowd could eat. I can live on the leftovers for a month."